NAC Match Report Overstrand 1st October 2018

Overstrand 1/10/2018 report

Apologies for the late report.

Another great turn out with 23 fishing the sand at Overstrand,  pegging was left and right of the slope.

All looked good at the start of the match with the sea having eased off a lot from the mornings swell and with a flooding tide hopes where high for plenty of fish.

After the first hour it was clear that it was going to be a no show for the fish, with very little weed around and a very mild evening it was a case of just sticking it out and hoping to connect with somthing that you could put on the card, fortunatly 6 poeple did manage to find a fish and just in time too as around 9pm the weed hit with a vengance and the sea became unfishable at any distance, within seconds of casting out lines where becoming swamped with 3-4ft of red weed, with many losing gear it was time to call it a night and by 10pm those that had not allready gone where back at the carpark waiting to find out the results.

The winner was John Harvey who managed to find a 33cm Eel which also won him biggest round for the night.

2nd place was Chippy Mortimer who found a 20cm Bass  and 3rd place was Paul Grothier who found an impressive 2 Rockling.

4th was Pete Simmonds with a 22cm Rockling 5th was Nathan Boughen with a 20cm Rocling 6th was Dave Mathers with a18cm Rockling.

A very tough night in the end.

This coming Monday is Kelling with high tide at 7pm, some club members have fished it this week and have had a lot of good fish so lets hope for a better night fishing.

30pts John Harvey

29pts Chippy Mortimer

28pts Paul Grothier

27pts Peter simmonds

26pts Nathan Boughen

25pts Dave Mathers

5pts Dene Conway

5pts loen smith

5pts Ninian Wharton

5pts Neil Haynes

5pts Andrew Bunn

5pts Martin mansfield

5pts Richard Craske

5pts Chick roper

5pts Russell Taylor

5pts Eddie Bowie

5pts Anthony Holmes

5pts Colin clifford

5pts Ian stratton

5pts Roy dunbavon

5pts John Catchpole

5pts Paul Thorburn

5pts Eamon R Finch

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