NAC Match Report Kelling 8th October 2018

Kelling report 8/10/18

19 anglers were greeted to a flat sea with not a wave in site and crystal clear water.

With reports of sizeable fish being caught all week from the shingle the match was fished to size limits.

Within minutes of the first cast Leon smith next to myself on peg one reeled in a 37cm Bass for 51 points and was probably thinking to himself it was going to be a good night, alas the first cast curse had struck him and apart from a 26cm Dab he did not see another fish all night.

To my right on peg 3 was John Harvey who was certainly finding the fish with many a retrieve producing treble shots of Dabs unfortunately still quite a few of them under size but he still managed 10 Dabs and a flounder on the card to take 2nd place.

Another angler finding the fish was Pete Simmons on peg 9 with 9 Dabs and a flounder to take 3rd.

Winner on the night was myself with 14 Dabs.

Biggest round on the night was Colin Clifford with a 39cm Bass.

Biggest flat was Andy bunn with a 29cm Dab.

In all 72 Dabs, 3 Flounder, 4 Bass and 1 Whiting were recorded.

30pts Russell Taylor

29pts John Harvey

27pts Peter Simmons

26pts Blake Collings

25pts Roger Cunnington

24pts Neil Haynes

23pts Paul Thorburn

22pts Leon smith

21pts Richard Craske

20pts Colin Clifford

19pts Adrian Bordianu

18pts Andrew Bunn

17pts Jimmy Shaul Shaul

16pts John Catchpole

15pts Eamon R Finch

15pts Martin Mansfield

13pts Paul Grothier

5pts Simon Bottomley

5pts Keith Shaul

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