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NAC Report Salthouse 24 September 2018

Booked in we had 32 anglers, but due to work and vehicle issues 4 sadly couldnt attend at the last minute, so with a fantastic turnout we still had 28 anglers on the beach, pegging was left and right of the road. As always the weather men had it wrong as the strong NW wind was more like a slight breeze, but the wind from the day had certainly put a good swell on which made it difficult for many, weed was also prevelant and a few pegs struggled with snags.

Salthouse or “shitehouse” as it is sometimes known can be an amazing venue but it can also provide some gruelling scratchy matches and this was the case tonight with only 8 out of the 28 managing to find a fish. Tonights match was a length only match so every centermetre over 18cm would count to your final tally with all fish being returned as per normal.

Top rod on the night was Peter Simmonds taking full advantage of his end peg to the right managing to scratch out 3 fish for 75cm including a bass at 36cm
Second place went to Russell Taylor with 2 fish for 56cm including a cracking dab of 31cm, final podium spot went to Dene Conway winkling out a rockling early on and then a last cast dab giving him a total of 42cm.

A very tough night for all with some packing up and calling it a night before the end but September is renowned for being a tough month, on a plus note things can only get better, well done to all who attended.

Next weeks match is at Overstrand, and so far the sand venues have certainly been fishing better than the shingle, lets hope this one produces some better bags. Please book in as early as you can especially with bait orders and if you can get to the shop to pick your bait it it would be a great help, those who can’t I will bring baits as per normal.

Full results

Peter Simmonds 30pts
Russell Taylor 29pts
Dene Conway 28pts
Mark Cox 27pts
Andrew Bunn 26pts
Dave Mathers 25pts
John Harvey 25pts
Gregory Kiddell 23pts
Paul Grothier 5pts
Martin Cole 5pts
Eddie Bowie 5pts
Chick Roper 5pts
Barry Iseton 5pts
Colin Clifford 5pts
Nathan Boughen 5pts
Chippy Mortimer 5pts
John Catchpole 5pts
Neil Haynes 5pts
Anthony Holmes 5pts
Richard Ling 5pts
Richard Craske 5pts
Eamon R Finch 5pts
Martin Wheeldon 5pts
Matt Lawes 5pts
Andrew Turk 5pts
Simon Bottomly 5pts
Richard & Lisa 5pts each.

NAC Match Report Bacton 17th September

NAC Match Report Bacton 17th September

18 anglers turned up for tonight’s Bacton match, a venue we have fished several times over the years, based at Redhouse Caravan park we always fish to the right of the revetments, to everyone’s surprise the beach had changed dramatically, with water filled gulleys close in spreading out to the end of the groins to the sand bar, waders were the order of the day but for some fishing the gulley close in would have to be the option, none of us have ever seen the beach quiet like it is now. Expectations were not high and with a carpet of weed close in we all feared the worst. For some the weed was a major problem, but if you could manage to get close to the waters edge and fish from the sand bank with rod up high the weed further out was minimal, but so were the fish.

Flounders would probably be the target species if you could find them, not everyone made it to the end of the match due to conditions of weed and gulleys, so from the 18 starting only 7 managed to find a fish or two. Top spot this week went to Dene Conway with two fish for 1lb 4 2/3oz, including a smooth hound pup at 37cm. Second place podium went to guest angler Mark Kizzy, with two flounders for 10 2/3oz, and final podium spot went to Russell Taylor with three fish for 10 1/3oz.

All in all a very tough evening and a steep learning curve for some. Welcome to new members Nathan Boughen and Chippy Mortimer hope we will be seeing more of you at future matches.

Next weeks match is at Salthouse so back on the shingle again, please book in early especially with bait orders.

Full results

Dene Conway 30pts
Mark Kizzy 29pts
Russell Taylor 28pts
Andrew Bunn 27pts
Peter Simmonds 26 pts
Richard Ling 25pts
Neil Haynes 24pts
Paul Grothier 5pts
Mark Cox 5pts
Leon Smith 5pts
Colin Clifford 5pts
Blake Collings 5pts
Eddie Bowie 5pts
Nathan Boughen 5pts
Chippy Mortimer 5pts
Andrew Klimek 5pts
John Catchpole 5pts
Chick Roper 5pts

NAC Coarse Match Report Coltishall 16th September

NAC Coarse Match Report Coltishall 16th September

A smaller turnout than last time with only 8 fishing, weather was blustery but warm, but it was in general a good day out with everyone catching. In first place this week was the ever consistent Gavin Nicholls with a bag of 19lb 13oz, 2nd place went to Darren Black with a bag of 14lb 11oz, and final podium spot went to Dene Conway with a bag of 13lb 6oz.

Full results

Gavin Nicholls 19lb 13oz – 30pts
Darren Black 14lb 11oz – 29pts
Dene Conway 13lb 6oz – 28pts
Eamon R Finch 13lb 3oz – 27pts
Barry Iseton 11lb 7oz – 26pts
Jimmy Shaul Shaul 9lb 14oz – 25pts
Russell Taylor 8lb 4oz – 24pts
Nicole Conway 4lb 6oz – 23pts

NAC Report Cart Gap 10th September 2018

With a few regulars unable to attend it was still a great turnout with 23 anglers pegged left and right of the slipway on a nice warm evening with a slight roll and a flooding tide. First time the club has fished up and over high tide at this venue and with last weeks poor showing of fish we all hoped this venue would make for some great fishing. As with most venues it can be a bit peggy and if your not on the fish then you have little chance of getting one, this proved to be the case with 8 out of the 23 failing to find fish. 43 fish were caught between the other 15, 33 bass were carded and returned along with 2 dabs , 1 sole, 1 eel, and 6 flounders the biggest of which was 31cm, falling to guest angler Fern Rogers on peg 21, beating her father Chas who failed to find a fish.

Onto the top rods in 1st place tonight and our top junior angler was Jimmy Shaul with an impressive haul of 5 fish for 4lb 10 2/3oz, this included 4 bass and a dab,showing the adults how its done from peg 2 and earning him £23 in winnings. 2nd place went to Andrew Bunn with 4 fish for 4lb 8oz, and finally in 3rd place and his first podium spot went to Peter Simmonds with 6 fish for 4lb 2 2/3oz.

Heaviest Flatfish of the night went to Fern Rogers with a nice 31cm flounder (12oz) winning her £11.50 and the heaviest round fish went to Leon Smith with a bass at 44cm (1lb 12 2/3oz) also winning £11.50.
A warm welcome to those that fished for the first time, John Harvey, Paul Frost, Fern Rogers, Chas, Andy Redfern, and Mark Cox and not to forget a returning club member from a few years ago Richard Craske, hope to see you all again.
All in all it was a great night on the beach in good company and as always good humour and banter, well done to all who fished.

Next weeks match is at Bacton llets hope its as good as this sand venue.Please make sure to book in early especially with bait orders.

Full Results (league points)

Jimmy Shaul Shaul 30pts
Andrew Bunn 29pts
Peter Simmonds 28pts
Leon Smith 27pts
Barry Iseton 26pts
Dean Roper 25pts
Ian Childerhouse 24pts
Richard Hipperson 23pts
John Harvey 22pts
Dene Conway 21pts
John Catchpole 20pts
Paul Thorburn 19pts
Richard Craske 18pts
Fern Rogers 17pts
Paul Grothier 16pts
Andy Redfern 5pts
Colin Clifford 5pts
Keith Shaul 5pts
Billy Rush 5pts
Mark Cox 5pts
Paul Frost 5pts
Chas 5pts
Eamon R Finch 5pts

NAC Match Report Kelling 3/9/18

NAC Match Report Kelling 3/9/18

First match of the new season saw a great turnout with 20 anglers gracing the shore at Kelling, welcome to our new members, Colin Clifford, Simon Bottomley, Eddie Bowie and Peter Simmonds. We all knew that tonight would be tough with calm conditions and clear water, so it was decided to fish to 18cm and also as with international matches allow mackerel t be caught on bait and pop ups only , with a maximum of 3 allowed. There is not a lot to say about the outcome of the match as the fishing was dire with 16 out of the 20 blanking, but it was a nice evening with some great banter and a chance to dust off the cobwebs of the last two months. Top rod went to Neil Haynes who managed two eels in the gutter and one mackerel, for 1lb 13oz , 2nd place went to Leon Smith with one fish for 9 1/3oz, 3rd place went to Colin Clifford on his debut match also finding a mackerel for 7 1/3oz and the only other to catch was Barry Iseton in 4th with a solitary dab for 6oz. Heaviest and only flatfish was Barry’s Dab and heaviest round fish went to Neil Haynes with a 37cm mackerel.
Next weeks match is at Cart Gap, Beach Rd, Happisburgh NR12 0PP, if unsure where it is please meet at shop fr 5pm. Please order your bait and book in as early as possible, if you can collect your bait from shop this will help me a lot but if you can’t let me know i will bring with as usual.

Full Results
Neil Haynes 30pts
Leon Smith 29pts
Colin Clifford 28pts
Barry Iseton 27pts
All others receive 5pts

NAC Coarse Match Report Cobbleacre, 2nd September.

NAC Coarse Match Report Cobbleacre, 2nd September.

9 anglers competed on Amy’s lake at Cobbleacre, a nice warm day with a slight breeze now and again, the fish were hard to find and 3 blanked, but as always banter was high, Eamon Finch took top rod honors again with 18lb 12oz, second place went to Gavin Nichols with 15lb 1oz and final podium spot went to Dene Conway with 12lb 3oz.
Next match will be on the 16th, times and venue to be confirmed via text message.

Full results
Eamon R Finch 30pts
Gavin Nichols 29pts
Dene Conway 28pts
Ivan Allen 27pts
Neil Haynes 26pts
Dave Johnson 25pts
Nicole Conway 5pts
Barry Iseton 5pts
Alex Haynes 5pts

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