NAC Coarse Results Coltishall 24th July

A good turnout with 10 anglers arriving at 8am for what would hopefully be a good twin session. The first half of the match was from 9am till midday, and with an overcast but warm start the fishing was fairly good. Winning the first half with 20lb 11oz was Gav Nichols his catch also included a 15lb carp on his last cast of the half, where he also proceeded to take a dip in the lake. Everyone had caught and the match standings at the half way point were as follows

1 Gav Nichols 20lb 11oz
2 John Ritchie 13lb 12oz
3 Eamon Finch 9lb 14oz
4 Dave Johnson 7lb 4oz
5 Barry Iseton 6lb 13oz
6 Neil Haynes 6lb 8oz
7 Dene Conway 4b 15oz
8 Philip Ward 2lb 5oz
9 Darren Black 1lb 6oz
10 Nicole Conway 12oz

The second half started at 1:15pm with the sun now coming through we all thought it would be harder , for some it was but the majority all improved in the second half.

1 Gav Nichols 16lb 11oz
2 Dene Conway 12lb 6oz
3 Eamon Finch 8lb 13oz
3 Dave Johnson 8lb 13oz
5 Neil Haynes 7lb 11oz
6 Philip Ward 5lb 7oz
7 Barry Iseton 3lb 3oz
8 John Ritchie 2lb 14 oz
9 Darren Black 2lb 14oz
10 Nicole Conway 1lb 6oz

with the weights now added together, top spot went to Gav Nichlls with 37lb 6oz, 2nd place went to Eamon Finch with 18lb 11oz and final podium spot went to Dene Conway with 17lb 5oz, next match will be arranged for August please check your texts and facebook.

Final Standings and league points
1 Gav Nicholls 30pts
2 Eamon Finch 29pts
3 Dene Conway 28pts
4 John Ritchie 27pts
5 Dave Johnson 26pts
6 Neil Haynes 25pts
7 Barry Iseton 24pts
8 Philp Ward 23pts
9 Darren Black 22pts
10 Nicole Conway 21pts

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