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NAC Report Weybourne 26th March 2018

NAC Report Weybourne 26th March 2018

Clean Sweep For Taylor!!

With the distinct lack of fish since the first “Beast from the East” expectations were not high, but we had buckets full of hope as this is the time of year when the dogfish,big pouting, rays and codling should be making an appearance along with the usual dabs and whiting. After last weeks trip down to Gorleston with 14 anglers not finding a single fish, numbers were down this week, with 2 having to cancel at the last minute, meant only 12 would be competing. We arrived at Weybourne to find a couple of pleasure anglers fishing to the left of the pipe, so it was decided to peg around them and give them some space and not make our walk a long one, and of course say hello and see if they had been catching.

The odd dab and undersized whiting started to make an appearance but not any great numbers, so our hopes were somewhat diminished, then next to me Chris Newstead pulled in a codling, sadly he wasn’t in the match or he may well have been up in the top 3, well done mate. This one fish raised the hopes of everyone along the match stretch , and i am sure it will also raise the hopes of many who read the NAC reports.

Russell Taylor fished the full night with ragworm on the bottom hook and the usual lug, blacks, tipped fish baits on the other two hooks, his aim was to find out if the dogfish would make an appearance, and they did in the form of a cracking 65cm taken on the ragworm, he had 3 other fish including a lovely 29cm dab , which gave him the top rod of the night along with heaviest round and heaviest flat, 4 fish in total for 3lb 5 1/3oz. Second place podium spot went to the always consistent Leon Smith with 5 fish for 1lb 6oz and in his second ever club match it was Kevin Wyatt taking the third place podium spot with 4 fish for 1lb 1 1/3oz.

It really does seem like we have had a famine of fish the last few outings but things certainly could be looking up and with the Festival only 2 weeks away we could be seeing some great fishing from now on.Feel Free to share the report and spread the good news.

Next weeks match is at Kelling lets have a good turnout and see if we can entice a few more codling and dogfish out.

Full results

Russell Taylor 30pts
Leon Smith 29pts
Kevin Wyatt 28pts
Denver Garry 27pts
Keith Shaul 26pts
John Catchpole 25pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 24pts
Paul Grothier 23pts
Barry Iseton 22pts
Dene Conway 5pts
Jimmy Shaul Shaul 5pts
Roger Cunnington 5pts

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