NAC Report 4th December Kelling

Another great turnout for the NAC with 19 anglers assembling for what was expected to be a hectic match, with the recent heavy seas now calming there should be an abundance of fish, we were not disappointed as the results will show.

Pegging was again left and right of the main gate and from the off fish were coming in all along the match stretch, albeit with a mixture of sizable and undersized.

Welcome to new member James Ward Bishop, and nice to see guest anglers like Paul Kendrick making an appearance, remember everyone is welcome to come and fish as a guest and see if you wish to join in the new year.

Anyway on with the results in 3rd place with 18 fish for 7lb 1 1/3oz was Henry Randell on peg 6 who also had a nice whiting at 38cm giving him heaviest round for the night. 2nd place was Ian Childerhouse on peg 18 with 25 fish for 8lb 12oz, but taking top rod honours this week was Adrian Bordianu on peg 17 also with 25 fish for 10lb 10oz. Heaviest flatfish of the night was shared between Kimberley Lawn and Will Sprules with a 30cm dab each.

260 sizeable fish were recorded and returned between 19 of us, not to mention the amount of undersized fish that were also caught and returned, once slack water came most of us were glad of the break of action.

Well done to everyone that fished not a blank card across the match stretch but once again Kelling shows that at this time of year if conditions are right you can expect hectic competition.

Full results

Adrian Bordianu 30pts – 25 fish – 10lb 10oz
Ian Childerhouse 29pts – 25 fish – 8lb 12oz
Henry Randell 28pts – 18 fish – 7lb 1 1/3oz
Dene Conway 27pts – 19 fish – 6lb 15 1/3oz
Kimberley Lawn 26pts – 17 fish – 6lb 1 1/3oz
Leon Smith 25pts – 15 fish – 5lb 9 2/3oz
Billy Rush 24pts – 15 fish – 5lb 9oz
Simon Bone 23pts – 16 fish – 5lb 8 2/3oz
Russell Taylor 22pts – 14 fish – 5lb 1 1/3oz
Richard Hipperson 21pts – 14 fish – 4lb 15 1/3oz
Keith Shaul 20pts – 12 fish – 4lb 6oz
Dave Mathers 19pts – 14 fish – 4lb 5 1/3oz
Will Sprules 18pts – 11 fish – 3lb 12 2/3oz
Nathan Drewery 17pts – 9 fish – 3lb 6 2/3oz
Paul Kendrick 16pts – 8 fish – 3lb 3 1/3oz
Barry Iseton 15pts – 8 fish – 3lb 1 1/3oz
James Ward Bishop 14pts – 8 fish – 2lb 15 1/3oz
Jimmy Shaul Shaul 13pts – 8 fish – 2lb 10 2/3oz
Andy Bray 12pts – 4 fish – 1lb 5 1/3oz

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