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NAC Report Overstrand 27/11/2017

19 anglers braced themselves for a chilly night on the sand. With a good sea running we all knew it maybe a struggle to find sizable fish and this was the case. Pegging was to the left of the wall. Although it was tough most manged to card a fish or two. In third place this week with 5 fish for 1lb 10oz was Russell. In second place with 6 fish for 2lb 4oz was Simon. And in top spot this week was Henry with 8 fish for 2lb 12oz2/3. Well done to all those who stuck it out in the cold and hope to see you all next week at Kelling.

Biggest Round – John Catchpole 37cm Bass
Biggest Flat – Kimberley Lawn 27cm Flounder

1st Henry Randell 30points
2nd Simon Bone 29points
3rd Russell Taylor 28points
4th Leon Smith 27points
5th John Catchpole 26points
6th Billy Rush 25points
7th Ninian Wharton 24points
8th Jimmy Shaul Shaul 23points
8th Adrian Charlie Needham 23points
10th Will Sprules 21points
10th Kimberley Lawn 21points
10th Richard Hipperson 21points
13th Nathan Drewery 18points
14th Ian Childerhouse 17points

5 points
Ben Nicholson
Keith Shaul
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse
Roger Cunnington
Graham Garland

NAC Report Cley 20th November 2017

17 anglers turned out for the latest adventures of the Norfolk Angling Club, this time it was on the beach at Cley, pegging was left and right of the concrete hut,numbers slightly down due to several members having fished the Eastbourne teams of five finals, we would be fishing to size limits again,and it was a struggle from the off to find the sizeable ones for many, with trebles and doubles of undersized dabs coming in, very frustrating for most.

Little pockets of sizeable fish did come out with the biggest whiting of the night being a couple at 32cm and the biggest dabs were 27cm, the pots for these were divided up between 5, 3 on the dabs and 2 on the whiting.
Running up into 3rd place overall was Luke Childerhouse with 11 fish for 3lb 3oz, second place went to Simon Bone with 13 fish for 3lb 9 1/3oz, but taking top rod this week was Dene Conway with 12 fish for 3lb 15 1/3oz.

Top Junior on the night was Jimmy Shaul winning a couple of quid.
Welcome also a new member Nathan Drewery who also managed to card even though he arrived late , well done mate see you next week.

Next weeks match is at Overstrand please book in asap when the post goes up on Friday.

Full results

Dene Conway 12 fish – 3lb 15 1/3oz – 30pts
Simon Bone 13 fish – 3lb 9 1/3oz – 29pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 11 fish – 3lb 6 1/3oz 28pts
Leon Smith 10 fish – 3lb 3oz – 27pts
Kimberley Lawn 10 fish – 2lb 15 1/3oz – 26pts
Keith Shaul 8 fish – 2lb 9 1/3oz – 25pts
Paul Thorburn 8 fish – 2lb 4oz – 24pts
Adrian Bordianu 7 fish – 1lb 15 1/3oz – 23pts
Ian Childerhouse 6 fish – 1lb 15 1/3oz – 22pts
Billy Rush 6 fish – 1lb 14 2/3oz – 21pts
Richard Hipperson – 5 fish – 1lb 6 1/3oz – 20pts
Russell Taylor – 4 fish – 1lb 3 1/3oz – 19pts
Dave Mathers – 4 fish – 1lb 2oz – 18pts
Ninian Wharton – 3 fish – 14oz – 17pts
Nathan Drewery – 2 fish – 11 2/3oz – 16pts
Jimmy Shaul (Junior) – 1 fish – 3 1/3oz – 15pts
Graham Garland – 0 fish – 5pts

NAC Report 13th November (Mundesley) Kelling

With a weekend of North Westerly gales, the sea state was fairly rough and as we were due to be on the sand at Mundesley, a quick committee decision to change venue to the shingle proved to be the right choice.

Although Kelling the sea was still rough , on an ebbing tide it should have been easily fish-able, this was the case but some struggled with the waves, the weed was manageable albeit annoying as mixed in with the weed were lashings of razor fish meat, making cleaning it off your line all the more frustrating. With the fish obviously gorging themselves on razor meat, some resorted to tipping off with bits of razor straight off the weed.
As always Kelling proved to be an “If your on them” match, with some good patches and some very poor patches.

16 of us were out tonight, with pegging left and right of the gate, a very slow start compared to last weeks match here, but this can be the norm after a storm on the shingle.

Top rod on the night was Adrian Bordianu using his end peg to great advantage and finishing a country mile ahead of everyone else, with 26 fish for 10lb 5oz, running up in second place with 15 fish was Richard Hipperson with 15 fish for 6lb 4oz, Third place was a draw with Paul Thorburn and Russell Taylor both finding 9 fish for 3lb 8 2/3oz.

Heaviest Flat of the night went to Paul Thorburn with a cracking 30cm Dab and heaviest round fish went to Barry Iseton with a lovely 36cm whiting. In total 114 fish were carded for total weight pts of 2153

Although the fishing was hard at times with waves and weed causing problems, but these conditions can test your skills and can make you a better angler so well done to all who stuck it out.
Next weeks match is at Cley, please book in asap.


Adrian Bordianu 30pts – 26 fish – 10lb 5oz
Richard Hipperson 29pts – 15 fish – 6lb 4oz
Russell Taylor 28pts – 9 fish 3lb 8 2/3oz
Paul Thorburn 28pts – 9 fish 3lb 8 2/3oz
Ian Childerhouse 26pts – 10 fish 3lb 8oz
Dene Conway 25pts – 9 fish – 3lb 7 1/3oz
Will Sprules 24pts – 8 fish – 2lb 14 2/3oz
Paul Rickard 23pts – 6 fish – 2lb 6oz
Leon Smith 22pts – 6 fish – 2lb 1 1/3oz
Keith Shaul 21pts – 4 fish – 1lb 14oz
Billy Rush 20pts – 4 fish – 1lb 9oz
Barry Iseton 19pts – 2 fish – 1lb 2oz
Gregory Kiddell 18pts – 2 fish – 14oz
Dave Mathers 17pts – 2 fish – 13 1/3oz
John Catchpole 16pts – 2 fish – 9 1/3oz
Jimmy Shaul Shaul – 5pts

NAC Report Kelling 6th November

The Joc Goudie Matchmans Cup

A special night for the club, with the Joc Goudie Matchmans cup being up for grabs for the first time, 23 anglers graced the shores at kelling with the pegging left and right of the car park but not stretching as far as the wreck to make it as fair as possible for everyone, a minutes silence was held in memory of Joc at the beginning of the match.

This match would be competitive from the off, we just needed the fish to play ball, and we were not disappointed.

Doubles and trebles of good sizes whiting and dabs, along with the odd pouting made for a very enjoyable match with numbers caught and points by the end looking as if we had fished a five hour match to 18cm rather than 3 and a half to size limits.

Down the lower numbers looked like it would be a fiercely fought battle with Simon Bone on Peg 1 , Leon Smith on peg 2, Dene Conway on peg 3 and Russell Taylor on peg 4 all capable of switching up a gear if the fish are there, this battle played out right up until the end and 2 or 3 fish separated them all, other good battles were emerging along the match stretch with Adrian Bordianu peg 13 , Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse peg 14 and Richard Hipperson peg 12, and the last few pegs were Henry Randell peg 20, Matt Lawes peg 21, Roger Cunnington peg 22 and end peg for Gregory Kiddell, to be fair everyone on the beach had their own battles with members next to them which made for a great match and as usual plenty of banter.
New members tonight were Kieth and Jimmy Shaul (junior) who both managed to card and enjoyed themselves, welcome to the NAC lads.

Anyway onto the top rods of the night, in 3rd place was Dene Conway with 24 fish for 9lb 2oz, 2nd place went to Henry Randell with 25 fish for 9lb 6 1/3oz, but in top spot was Simon Bone with 26 fish for 9lb 14 2/3oz , this clearly shows how one fish can make a difference and battling on to the very end can change your fortunes in any match.

Heaviest round fish on the night was shared between Russell Taylor and Ian Lambert both with cracking whiting of 38cm, and the heaviest flat was shared between 3 , Dene Conway, Dave Mathers and Kieth Shaul all having a 30cm dab each.
380 sizeable fish were carded with a total weight of 142lb 5 1/3oz

Next weeks match is at Mundesley hope to see you all there and maybe an elusive codling or late bass with show.

Full results below

Simon Bone 30pts – 26 fish – 9lb 14 oz
Henry Randell 29pts – 25 fish – 9lb 6 1/3oz
Dene Conway 28pts – 24 fish – 9lb 2oz
Leon Smith 27pts – 24 fish – 8lb 13 1/3oz
Gregory Kiddell 26pts – 21 fish – 8lb 11 2/3oz
Adrian Bordianu 25pts – 21 fish – 8lb 2oz
Russell Taylor 24pts – 20 fish – 7lb 12 2/3oz
Matt Lawes 23pts – 20 fish – 7lb 10 1/3oz
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 22pts – 19 fish – 7lb 7oz
Paul Rickard 21pts – 19 fish – 7lb 6 1/3oz
Adrian Charlie Needham 20pts – 18 fish – 6lb 10oz
Ian Childerhouse 19pts – 19 fish – 6lb 8 1/3oz
Richard Hipperson 18pts – 19 fish – 6lb 1 1/3oz
Dave Mathers 17pts – 15 fish – 5lb 8oz
Will Sprules 16pts – 13 fish – 5lb
Barry Iseton 15pts – 15 fish – 4lb 14 2/3oz
Roger Cunnington 14pts – 13 fish – 4lb 11 1/3oz
Ian Lambert 13pts – 11 fish – 4lb 7 1/3oz
Billy Rush 12pts – 10 fish – 4lb 5oz
Niel Neil Haynes 11pts – 8 fish – 3lb
Jimmy Shauls 10pts – 8 fish – 2lb 8 2/3oz
Kieth Shauls 9pts – 6 fish – 2lb 4oz
Ninian Wharton 8pts – 6 fish – 2lb 2 2/3oz

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