NAC Report Trimingham 16/10/17

Match 7 … 16/10/17 .. trimmingham

It’s hard to do a report if your peg 1 but I offered so tough .

Yet again 18 wallies ventured to the sand for tonight’s match which was pegged to the left of the slip but missing out the first 2 bays ( gets snaggy otherwise towards low ) wind was swirling around but the sea remained relatively flat and this was to be a LENGTH match anything over 18 cm carded ( not that that was really needed)
From the off it was relatively slow but a few people carded on their first casts ( well i did a dab ) but that was it for a while ! Red Weed was problematic but not as bad as bacton in in the teams of fives the previous week , crabs too were a menace but if you could keep them crabs off long enough you were to stand a good chance of finding fish as they were there ! , this became more obvious ( for some ) as the match progressed .
Upon going for wander mid match to see Russ who was 5 pegs along and who I could see was catching fish at regular intervals it was then I realized other bays were possibly producing better than ours ?
To sum it up there was some pretty decent fish out last night for match purposes anyway tings were a good stamp with plenty in the mid 30+ cm bracket for some , a few quality dabs Upto 28/29 cm and flounders also between the 30 -35 cm with one or two other stand out fish with included a bass of 62 cm for Ninian (no surname on sheet so apologies ) Roger Cunnington had a nice 34 cm sole in his 11 fish bag which was only surpassed by my 36 cm sole ( a pb for me ) but these quality fish were no match for the childerhouse bois who were pulling in big tings for the fun of it lol and it was Luke Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse for the 3 rd match in a row who came out top of the pile outdoing his dad by virtue of better fish his 16 fish ( 1 dab 15 tings ) averaging almost 30 cm Per fish , does seem that bay fished well also for others ! , I’ll exclude Russell Taylor from that area / bay as he found fish in our bay to narrowly missing out on 2nd place by just 5 cm ( think he dropped a ting in the edge oooops lol ) .
On anther note Richard Hipperson completed a whole match
Results in cm
Fish Length

1. Luke childerhouse 16. 474
2. Ian Childerhouse. 15. 378
3. Russel Taylor 13 373
4. Richard hipperson 11. 309
5. Roger cunnington 11. 305
6. Billy Rush. 10 256
7. Me. 7 209
8. Simon Bone. 8. 182
9. Will Sprules. 9 157
10= Dave Mathers. 5. 127
10= Leon smith. 5. 127
12. Ninian. 3. 115
13 Andy Bray. 4. 103
14 Kimberley Lawn. 4. 94
15 John Catchpole. 3 81
16. Tony Holmes 1. 25
17. Barry Iseton. 1. 22
Martin wheeler

Big round 62cm bass Ninian
Big flat. 36 cm sole Me

A good night none the less

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