NAC Report Sheringham 9/10/17

Match 6 ..09/10/17 .. sheringham

18 loonies made it for this one at sheringham lifeboat station ,pegging was to be from the slip along the cliffs towards weybourne . My personal expectations were for a manic match full of big tings , odd bass , flounders ,pout and even a possible doggy or 2 as this area fished reasonably well the previous 2 nights !! .. shut up needham you blanked and got it wrong anyway I’ll try my best to report as I was asleep most of the match and only woke to sign ians fish in ..
with the tide pushing up the shingle at the start a few flounder appeared here n there in the shallows as did them blo%#y crabs which for some were to be a pain all match ! , however if you could keep a bait in the water long enough you had a chance of a fish or 2 , rumour spread down the beach that there was several good bass coming out towards the lower pegs ( furthest left ) with Luke Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse finding one of 62 cm which irrelevant of conversion weighed a nice 5lb 7 oz , but there were other bass in the 50cm + bracket being carded for others so things were looking good , at this point Ian Childerhouse woke me up to sign in his 36 cm CODLING but where were these big 35 cm + tings that had been there a few tides before ?? Anyhows those bonus bass determined the top 5 or 6 places .
In 3 rd on the night was Russell Taylor trying his best to hunt down 2nd place Paul Rickard who had the most fish on the night but neither of them could quite catch 1 st placed luke childerhouse who’s bass and 2 flounders were just enough to seal it

1. Luke childerhouse 272 pts
2. Paul rickard 235
3. Russell Taylor 188
4. Kimberley Lawn. 174
5. Simon Bone. 170
6. Adrian Bordianu. 125
7. Ian childerhouse 92
8. Leon smith 90
9. Dave Mathers. 62
10. Will Sprules. 47
11. Gary Moore 29
12. Gregory Kiddell 20
13. Neil Haynes. 13

Richard Hipperson
Andy Bray
Andrew Turk
Billy Rush

Big flat .. Dave mathers 32 flounder
Big round .. luke childerhouse 62 bass

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