NAC Report Salthouse 18/09/17 Simon Farrow cup

With a strong NW blowing and the waves crashing in, 18 braved the conditions for this match in the memory of NAC member Simon Farrow for whom we held a minutes silence for at the start of the match.
For most there was only one fish on there minds with the conditions as they were, Bass. Unfortunately due to the high tide being 18.30 and the match starting at 19.30 we seemed to have missed the best of the fish with only a few coming out including another one for Ian childerhouse but this time he had to share biggest round as simon bone matched him, both with a 39cm.
With a lack of Bass other fish would be required and it soon became clear it was going to be dabs particularly around me with Ian to my left and Charlie to my right pulling in double sometimes treble shots but with line and reel issues Charlie lost the fish which left ian to take a commanding lead and eventually win the match with 14 sizeable fish 5lb 3oz
Simon bone addded another 8 fish to his Bass to take 2nd spot with 4lb 7oz and despite his line issues Charlie managed 3rd with 8 fish 2lb 12oz.
With all the flat fish coming out it was Dave Mathews who found the biggest with a 32cm flounder.
Ian Childerhouse 30pts
Simon Bone 29pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 28pts
Russell Taylor 27pts
Ben Nicholson 26pts
Leon smith 25pts
Henry Randell 24pts
Kimberley Lawn 23pts
Roger Cunnington 22pts
Dave Mathers 21pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 20pts
Neil Haynes 19pts
Billy Rush 18pts
Will Sprules 17pts
Richard Hipperson 16pts
Richard Chapman 15pts
Gregory Kiddell 14pts
Gary Moore 5pts

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