NAC Report Cley 11th September 2017

Second match of the season saw again 17 anglers. We were greeted with a westerly wind and a nice Swell on the water Hopefully a sign that the Bass would be there.
Pegging was done to the right of the car park and everyone was setting up down at the waters edge awaiting for the tide to come in.
As the match started it become clear that the weed was going to be a big issue everyone on there first cast brought in loads and in some cases the weed was even dragging peoples rods over
It wasnt until it started to get dark that the fish turned up with lots of undersize bass about and the usual flats. Not forgetting Roger Cunningtons monster whiting measuring all of 10cm and Neil Haynes with his 28cm sole
As the match went on it became obviouse it was going to be a hard night to find a sizable fish but 8 people did find a few. Especially Ian Childehouse who had the biggest round of a 58cm bass as well as the biggest flat a 33cm flounder
1st Ian Childerhouse 30 points
2nd Neil Haynes 29 points
3rd Luke Childerhouse 28 points
4th Simon Bone 27 points
5th Will Sprules and Greg Kiddell 26 points
7th Adrian Bordianu 24 points
8th Roger Cunnington 23 points
Everyone else receives 5 points
Barry Iseton
Clive Parker
Kim Lawn
Richard Hipperson
Richard Chapman
Russell Taylor
Dave Mathers
Leon Smith
Henry Randall

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