NAC Report 25/9/17 Overstrand


18 ” hopeful ” anglers graced this newish venue for us in the Monday night league , pegging from the end of the prom along the revetments heading towards Cromer and this was to be a length match so anything over 18 cm counted , with the lack of tings most thoughts I assume would be towards basslets ( well mine were ) and obliging flat fish of sorts .. on to the match itself .. errr well it wasn’t as expected and most struggled to even find a fish and those that did only found a solitary fish or 2 , however there was one or two nice fish caught in the few that were caught with Paul Rickard ( 39 cm sole ) Ameer who’s Paul’s friend ( 34 cm sole ) and Martin wheeldon ( 43 cm bass ) but none of these figured in the top 3 as those were solitary fish for themselves in a length match , top spot on the night was Russell Taylor pegged next to me( I blanked totally ) who gave a lesson in conti style under your feet light line fishing his 9 fish for 218 cm included an eel , sole , flounder and basslets ,Greg Gregory Kiddell managed a sole at 17.8 cm lol , also doing well in the match was Billy Rush who sneaked in 5 fish for 134 cm for 2nd place with , Simon Bone carding 2 dabs for 45 cm came in 3rd spot , as said previously anybody else who carded only had a solitary fish so well done

1. Russel Taylor 30 pts
2. Billy Rush 29
3. Simon Bone 28
4.Martin Wheedon 27
5.Paul Rickard 26
6.Ameer 25
7.Andrew Turk. 24
8= Ian wells 23
8=Neil Haynes. 23
10. Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 21
11Will Sprules. 20
12. Leon smith 19

Ian Childerhouse
Andy klemick
Greg kiddell
Ninian Wharton
Richard Hipperson

Biggest round 43 cm bass ( Martin)
Biggest flat 39 cm sole ( Paul )

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