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NAC report 12-06-17 Heacham


16 mad cap anglers ventured to the not so fancied part of Norfolk which is heacham ( my manor ) those that got here early must have been wondering where the water was ?? With a stiff breeze in our faces expections wernt that high tbh but knowing the wind was going to drop throughout the match it would be fishable with hopefully some fish showing the mainstay of this beach was hopefully going to be eels / flounders and the chance of the odd bass ! And we weren’t dissapointed .. from the off several people carded on their first chucks mainly eels with the odd flounder chucked in so a relief to see some fishies but it wasn’t to be hectic after that .. Russel Russell Taylor forgot some bait and went foraging before the match ( see pic attached ) , Richard Hipperson fell asleep hence his BLANK , Kimberley Lawn went on a wander for half an hour and came back to a double shot of eels lol , Roger Cunnington pulled in a decent bass mid match 41cm which got the hopes up abit and others were bringing in sub sized basslets , just after top of the tide my rod pulled round and resulted in a nice 52 cm bass to go with 2 x45 pt eels but was it enough as Simon Bone was on hot spot peg near outlet bringing in eels regularly to go with his 35 cm flounder anyway a pleasant night with a decent turnout and no weed thankgod .. thanks to those that ventured this way into the unknown for some .. here are results

1 . Adrian Charlie Needham 226 pts
2. Simon Bone. 197 pts
3. Ian Childerhouse. 93 pts
4. Roger cunnington 88 pts
5. Zach bordianu 66 pts
6. Russel Taylor. 60 pts
7. Ninian Wharton 48 pts
8= Kimberley Lawn. 40 pts
8= Leon smith 40 pts
10= Adrian Bordianu. 20 pts
10= Will Sprules. 20 pts
10= Gregory Kiddell. 20 pts
10 = Andy klemick. 20 pts

Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse
Dave Hall

Biggest round zach 61 eel
Biggest flat simon 35 flounder

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