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This week’s match was scheduled for sheringham boulevard with another good turnout of 23 anglers and a new faces to the club junior Travis Allen. Pegging was done, short walks were straight down in front of the boulevard and the rest of us went left of the life boat station. When we first got there we all set up down on the sandy beach as the sea was still quite a way out but it wasn’t long until we all had to start moving back up the shingle bank. Fishing was hard going at the start trying to find sizable fish with the undersize whiting still about and the normal small dabs. As it started to get dark the fishing picked up with coalfish making a appearance and some good flounders Adrian Bordianu with a impressive 35cm flounder and biggest flat and Gary Wilkins finding a nice EEL measuring at 46 winning himself biggest round and now onto the results
1st Simon Bone 30pts
2nd Adrian Bordianu 29pts
3rd Luke Childerhouse 28 pts
4th Leon Smith 27pts
4th Gary Wilkins 27pts
5th Barry Iseton 25pts
6th Kim Lawn 24pts
7th Roger Cunnington 23pts
8th John Borden 22pts
9th Travis Allen 21pts
11th Dene Conway 20pts
11th Charlie Needham 20pts
13th Adrians Dad 18pts
Everyone else receives 5 points
Ian Childerhouse
Gregory Kiddell
Russell Taylor
Ronnie Cockett
David Hall
Andy Bray
Andy Turk
Next week’s match is scheduled for Kelling hope to see you all there

NAC Report 15/5/17 Salthouse


After an amazing weekend of fishing along the north Norfolk coast, we had 31 anglers present themselves ready for what was hopefully going to be a great night of fishing. New members tonight were Graham Garland and Gregory Kiddell & Nigel, along with a few guest anglers welcome to you all.

Onto the match, fish were coming in from the off but sadly not the numbers of sizeable fish we had all hoped for, some set their stall out and fished solely for dogs and hounds, and others fished for what the normal was, dabs, whiting , flounders etc.

Dave Burr a guest came out on top with 6 fish including a hound at 78cm, giving him the winning weight of 6lb 6 1/3oz, 2nd place went to Roger Cunnington, with 9 fish and 2 smaller pups for 5 lb 2/3oz, and final podium spot went to Russell Taylor with 6 fish also with two pups, for 3lb 8 2/3oz. 130 fish were caught and released.

All in all a good match with plenty of fish caught and as always great banter.

Because of guests fishing the points system for the league will only apply to club members.

Dave Burr
Roger Cunnington 30pts
Russell Taylor 29pts
Paul Ashworth
Simon Bone 28pts
Dave Mathers 27pts
Luke Childerhouse 26pts
Richard Hipperson 25pts
Charlie Needham 24pts
Ian Childerhouse 23pts
Gregory Kiddell 22pts
Gary Wilkin 21pts
Adrian Bordianu 20pts
Leon Smith 19pts
Will Sprules 18pts
Hamza Mizo 18pts
Ronnie Cockett 16pts
Barry Iseton 15pts
Kim Lawn 14pts
Andrew Turk 13pts
Dean Gibson 12pts
Dave Hall 11pts
Neil Trinder
Paul Rickard 10pts
Dene Conway 9pts
Graham Garland 8pts
Ben Nicolson 5pts
Nigel 5pts
Tony Trinder
Graham Kiddell

NAC Report 8/5/17 Weybourne

Weybourne 08/05/17

17 anglers arrived in the car park nice and early eager to get fishing. With the sound of crashing waves coming from behind the shingle bank bets where being taken on how long our chairman Dean Gibson would last.
Pegging was from the pipe to the left towards Kelling.
Once on top of the shingle ridge it was clear it was not going to be an easy fish but the chances of a decent fish was good.
On the way to the pegs there was a few dead dog fish washed up which was sad to see but did mean they where still around.
The match started and to our relief holding bottom was not an issue but getting any sort of distance was, it soon became clear that it wouldn’t matter as that is where the fish were with many anglers carding fish from there first cast with large whiting and big dabs.
The eventual winner Andrew Turk was pegged next to me and was bringing dabs in almost every cast managing 9 sizeable fish for 3lb 11oz 2/3 including biggest flat a 33cm flounder.
Upon returning to the car park to sort out the results I noticed mr Hipperson was still around which meant either the pizza shop was shut or he had caught some fish and thought he was in the frame, as it turned out he managed 2nd place with 3 fish for 2lb 3oz 1/3 including biggest round a 36cm Bass.
3rd place was Simon Bone with a good 8 fish for 2lb 2oz.
No dogfish but there was a couple of coal fish come out

1st Peg 9 Andrew Turk 9 fish-179 30pts
2nd Peg 17 Richard Hipperson 3 fish-107 29pts
3rd Peg 2 Simon Bone 8 fish-102 28pts
4th Peg 7 Adrian Bordianu 6 fish-101 27pts
5th Peg 5 Leon Smith 6 fish-98 26pts
6th Peg 4 Barry Iseton 6 fish-97 25pts
7th Peg 8 Russell Taylor 5 fish-76 24pts
8th Peg 1 Will Sprules 3 fish-50 23pts
9th Peg 10 Ian Childerhouse 2 fish-48 22pts
10th Peg 14 Henry Randell 3 fish-44 21pts
11th Peg 13 Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 2 fish-30 20pts

5 points
Peg 6 Adrian Charlie Needham
Peg 12 Roger Cunnington
Peg 3 Dave Mathers
Peg 11 Ben Nicholson
Peg 15 Dean James Gibson
Peg 16 Nigel Kerry

Just Incase your wondering, Dean Gibson didn’t last the night 😄😄😄

Image may contain: ocean, sky, beach, outdoor, nature and water
Image may contain: sky, ocean, outdoor, nature and water

NAC Report 1/5/17 Overstrand

Overstrand 01/05/2017

20 anglers arrived at Overstrand and with a good sea running the pegging was done left of the wall to make sure we all had a retreat as the tide was on its way up. It was quite rough and within the first 5 minutes it was clear holding bottom was a bit of a problem. Weed was also there but wasn’t too bad. A few fish were found in the daylight but not that many. It seemed to be the last hour that the fish came on. In total 15 dogfish were caught along with the usual whiting, and rockling. In 3rd place this week was Charlie with 3 fish for 3lb 9oz1/3. Beating him by just 1/3 of oz was Russell with 2 fish for 3lb 9oz 2/3. Taking top spot this week managing to find 4 fish for 4lb 3oz1/3 was Roger. Biggest round of the night was Roger with a 63cm Dogfish and biggest flat was Adrian for26cm Well done to all was a hard match. Next week we are at Weybourne book in on here or via the shop. Bait orders in asap to avoid disappointment.

1st Roger Cunnington 30points
2nd Russell Taylor 29points
3rd Adrian Charlie Needham 28points
4th Garry Wilkins 27points
5th Ronnie Cockett 26points
6th Ian Childerhouse 25points
7th Andy Bray 24points
8th Richard Chapman 23points
9th Adrian Bordianu 22points
10th Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 21points
11th Dave Mathers 20points
11th Will Sprules 20points
13th Leon Smith 18points
14th Kimberley Lawn 17points

Richard Hipperson
David Hall
Iain Molloy
Adam Molloy
Andrew Turk
Simon Bone

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