NAC Report 3/4/17 Bacton

Bacton 3/4/17

19 anglers turned up probably expecting another hard match on the sand, unfortunately this was the case for many with no one recording more than 6 sizeable fish.
With pegs 1,2,3&4 separated from the others by two pleasure anglers it was a job to know how everyone else was getting on until the match cards started to appear at the end of the night then it became clear that once again if you hadn’t manage to hook into a dogfish then all hope was gone.
In all there was 6 dogfish carded, the biggest was caught by Robert Durrant 61cm earning him biggest round prize.
The smallest was caught by myself 53cm returning after an enforced two week absence, fortunately I managed 5 sizeable whiting to back this up with which meant I took top spot with 6 fish, 2lb 11oz 1/3.
2nd place went to mr consistent Adrian Bordianu with 4 fish, 2lb 5oz including a 55cm dogfish
3rd was Ian Childerhouse getting his own back on Luke for last week with 2 fish, 2lb 2oz including a 60cm dogfish.
There was 1 sizeable flat fish come out and that was a 24cm dab caught by Leon smith earning him the prize for the biggest flat.
All in all a very pleasant evenings fishing despite the constant moaning from mr Dean ( I hate the sand, I’m bored, oh I’ve caught a fish I’m going home,chairman) Gibson to my left.

Peg 2 Russell Taylor 6 fish 130-wpts 30pts
Peg 6 Adrian Bordianu 4 fish 110-wpts 29pts
Peg 18 Ian Childerhouse 2fish 102-wpts 28pts
Peg 12 Will sprules 2 fish 93-wpts 27pts
Peg 5 Robert durrant 1 fish 89-wpts 26pts
Peg 3 Dene Conway 2 fish 88-wpts 25pts
Peg 13 Simon Bone 5 fish 76-wpts 24pts
Peg 15 Richard Hipperson 4 fish 66-wpts 23pts
Peg 22 Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 3 fish 44-wpts 22pts
Peg 7 Leon smith 2 fish 28-wpts 21pts
Peg 19 Adrian Charlie Needham 1 fish 26-wpts 20pts
Peg 11 Adam Molloy 1 fish 14-wpts 19pts
Peg 1 Dean James Gibson 1 fish 14-wpts 19pts

Peg 21 Hamza Mizo 5pts
Peg 20 John (Hamza’s dad) 5pts
Peg 9 Roger Cunnington 5pts
Peg 4 Bryan van blerk 5points
Peg 16 Ninny Wharton 5pts
Peg 8 Andrew Turk 5pts

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