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NAC Report 27/3/17 Kelling

NAC Report 27/3/17 Kelling

Bonus fish ruled tonight’s match with dogfish being taken all along the match stretch, along with some cracking pouting, good dabs, and some plump healthy whiting, back tonight fishing to size limits and a general catch and release length to weight conversion.

21 were booked in but with various car problems and family matters and the odd bit of sickness, we were reduced to 17, still an excellent turnout, and another new member tonight fishing his first ever sea match, and only the 2nd or 3rd time sea fishing, big welcome to Richard Miles or as he is our 3rd Richard in the club, Richard III, anyway on with the match report.

Pegging was to the right of carpark stretching up to the wreck area, and of late this end hasn’t been as productive, but from the off for most sizeable whiting were on the cards, along with some excellent pouting including a 34cm and a 33cm both falling to the charms of Luke Childerhouse, adding to his tally he threw in a dogfish at 61cm giving him 9 fish for 5lb 6oz and taking top spot honors this week. Second podium spot went to the NAC’s youngest England International Adam Molloy finding 6 fish including two dogfish a 64cm and 60cm, for a total weight of 5lb 2 2/3oz, final podium spot went to Ian Childerhouse also with 6 fish for including a dogfish for 4lb 10 1/3oz.

All in all, 12 dogfish were caught, with the biggest being 64cm and taking heaviest round for the evening to Adam Molloy, Heaviest flat was shared between Simon Bone and Charlie Needham both with a 26cm dab, 86 fish were carded for a total weight of 45lb 6oz.

As you can see from the results most fish caught were between 6 and 9 fish but if you didn’t find the dogs and bigger pout you were not in with a shout at the top 3.
Well done to all a great match and as usual great banter from the off.

Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 9 fish 256-wpts 30pts
Adam Molloy 6 fish 248-wpts 29pts
Ian Childerhouse 6 fish 196-wpts 28pts
Adrian Bordianu 5 fish 191-wpts 27pts
Leon Smith 9 fish 190-wpts 26pts
Barry Iseton 8 fish 177-wpts 25pts
Richard Hipperson 5 fish 153-wpts 24pts
Dene Conway 9 fish 148-wpts 23pts
Richard Chapman 4 fish 128-wpts 22pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 4 fish 115-wpts 21pts
Will Sprules 2 fish 101-wpts 20pts
Dean James Gibson 7 fish 93-wpts 19pts
Simon Bone 6 fish 88w-pts 18pts
Iain Molloy 2 fish 38-wpts 17pts
Richard Miles 2 fish 30-wpts 16pts
David Hall 1 fish 14-wpts 15pts
Dave Mathers 1 fish 12-wpts 14pts

Next weeks match is at Bacton meet at Redhouse Caravan park as normal, please book in early especially with bait , we always try to make sure we have enough in but early bookings gives us a heads up, feel free to book in today on here or pm me or Kim.

Also please note saturday 8th and 9th the NAC sea Angling Festival , this is a club event and we would very much apreciate everyone supporting the event , please share the event itself to as many groups as you can and book in early especially with bait orders we will be tryng to get crab in for this event.

NAC Report 20th March 2017 Overstrand

NAC Report 20th March 2017

Back on the sand this week and down to Overstrand which is fast becoming one of our favorite venues, pegging this week was to the left of the slip for the first time and 14 of us lined up to see what was about.At the last match here a few dogfish were caught so that was many peoples target species, but with it being a length only match and everything to 18cm you certainly couldn’t ignore the whiting and dabs.

It was a slow start for many but eventually the fish came on the feed and everyone found a few. Top of the heap this week was Adrian Bordianu with 17 fish for 370cm, 2nd podium spot went to the ever consistent Leon Smith with 14 fish for 332cm, final podium spot went to Ian Childerhouse with 256cm. Biggest flat tonight was shared between Adrian and Leon both with a 27cm dab and biggest round went to Dene Conway with a dogfish of 58cm. Several dogs were caught all along the match stretch, and even our illustrious leader Dean Gibson who historically hates fishing on the sand managed to stay for a full match.
Well done to all who fished, next week we are back on the shingle at Kelling where there has been plenty of dabs, whiting, pouts and dogfish coming out, seems ragworm and squid have been doing the damage for some.

Please book in early especially with bait orders.

Adrian Bordianu 30pts
Leon Smith 29pts
Ian Childerhouse 28pts
Dene Conway 27pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 26pts
Simon Bone 25pts
Richard Hipperson 24pts
Roger Cunnington 23pts
Will Sprules 22pts
Dean James Gibson 21pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 20pts
Dave Mathers 19pts
Kimberley Lawn 18pts
Gary Moore 5pts

NAC Report 13th March Salthouse

NAC Report 13th March Salthouse

21 anglers graced the shores at tonight’s match at Salthouse, lovely calm conditions and a very pleasant evening.
From the off the fish were present with loads of undersized whiting , the odd rockling and plenty of dabs.

The format for tonight’s match was length only with everything over 18cm counting except whiting which were the standard 27cm,or we would have been run off our feet.

Top length on the night was Charlie Needham with 291cm, 2nd place went to Adrian Bordianu with 186cm and 3rd place went to Stuart Gotts with 185cm. Some old faces returning to the club were Henry Randell,Russell Baker and Neil Haynes good to see you again and a guest tonight was Paul Kendrick.

Next weeks match is at Overstrand please note due to the way the sand has recently been fishing this will also be a length only match. Bait for the coming weekend and the match will be fresh blacks, fresh hand dug rag, fresh locally sourced lug, and Fresh Yellow tails, book early please, and book early for the match so we know numbers, as this weekend we have the CAF challenge match so bait orders is priority everyone. CALL 01263 838248 or message on here

Adrian Charlie Needham 30pts
Adrian Bordianu 29pts
Stuart Gotts 28pts
Russell Taylor 27pts
Leon Smith 26pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 25pts
Henry Randell 25pts
Kimberley Lawn 23pts
Simon Bone 22pts
Barry Iseton 21pts
Paul Kendrick 20pts
Matt Lawes 19pts
Dene Conway 18pts
Roger Cunnington 17pts
Neil Haynes 17pts
Ian Childerhouse 15pts
Dave Mathers 14pts
Will Sprules 13pts
Richard Hipperson 12pts <—– Last man on the cards

5 points for Andrew Turk and Russell Baker

NAC Report 6th March Trimingham

Trimingham 06/03/17

13 anglers anglers arrived on the sand not knowing what to expect, could there be some decent Bass around or the odd dogfish as there was in the last match on the sand, the answer is no.
It turned out to be very hard to find any sizeable fish at all except for Leon who managed to find 9 fish for 2lb 7 1\3 with whiting and rockling.

Heaviest round was a 3 way split between Leon, will and Charlie with a 29cm whiting each
No sizeable flats caught so will be a roll over at salthouse where the should be dabs and may be flounder.

1 Leon Smith 30 points
2 Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 29
3 Adrian Charlie Needham. 28
4 Adrian Bordianu. 27
5 Simon Bone. 26
6 Ian Childerhouse. 25
7 Will Sprules. 24
8 Barry Iseton. 23
8 Dave Hal 23
10 Roger Cunnington. 21

5 points
Russell Taylor
Dave Mathers
Matt Lawes

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