NAC Report 23rd January Bacton

A low turnout for this match no doubt partly due to freezing temperatures on a venue not known to be prolific in winter. It was decided to turn the match into a rover but everyone stayed fairly close together in any case.
Fishing was hard with Dabs being the main prize as most whiting turning up were very small (having decided to keep size limits for whiting, bass and that bearded fish I can’t remember the name of, think it begins with a C..!). Kim Lawn did add a touch of variety with an 18cm Coalfish, something much more common in the North-East but a rare shore catch in Norfolk.
Top angler on the night was Simon Bone with 5 Dabs for 105 points, Will Sprules second with 3 fish for 79 points and Adrian Bordianu third with 3 fish for 65 points.
The flat calm conditions clearly didn’t help fishing and from what I gather online this area is greatly affected by longshore drift so it may well be the beach has shallowed (or at least larger sandbanks) following recent tidal surges?
Anyway tough fishing but always good to experience different types of match and I’m sure we all agree and arguably we learn more scratching than when the fish are in numbers.
Placings are as follows;
Simon Bone 30pts
Will Sprules 29pts
Adrian Bordianu 28pts
Ian Childerhouse 27pts
Ben Nicholson 26pts
Gary Moore 25pts
Leon Smith 24pts
Luke Childerhouse 23pts
Dean Gibson 22pts
Kim Lawn 21pts

Paul Rickard 5pts
Billy Rush 5pts
Russel Taylor 5pts
(other names are crossed off scorecard but anyone else I’ve missed for 5pts just let me know 🙂
(Any discrepancies with this report blame Kim and Simon for letting me have a go! I’m sure I can find the edit button if needs be…)

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