NAC Report 16th January Kelling

NAC Report the Tidal Surge Aftermath – Kelling

With many venues, out of bounds or cut off, our only option this week was to move to the haven of Kelling yet again, the storm surge that came through our region on Friday caused a lot of flooding including the coast road, cutting off venues and generally damaging access to others, Sheringham was our planned venue but too much damage had occurred to the promenade so no access signs were in place. Undeterred the committee quickly announced and informed all members of the switch.

With everyone assembled at the gates of the Muckleborough collection, our concern now was how much debris, weed and grass would be swirling around along the match stretch, would it be unfishable, or would we be in for a brilliant match.

Pegging tonight was to the right of the carpark spreading out towards the wreck, and 17 club members spread out along the now flat shingle bank, after the last tidal surge of 2013 the sea and beach seemed to be like a bowl with water in it sloshing back and forth and no structure to the wave or swell format, tonight was no exception and many of us thought the odd rogue waves may push up and cause havoc, but luckily we were all positioned just out of reach of the slight swell.

From the off it was clear NO WEED or very little, so now all we needed to find out was if the fish were ready to feed or had indeed feasted over the last few days of rough seas.

Welcome back to Robert Durrant who has had way to much work on to fish of late, also Chris Orders and new to club but not so new to angling Paul Thorburn.

Again, the shingle lived up to its reputation of being one of the hardest apprentices in match angling to master, as fish were coming out in all sizes, to all manner of bait and at all distances, some were plagued by mini dabs and mini whiting while others were straight into sizeable fish, some only managing to card a few fish in the last hour or so.

A brilliant match with plenty of action for the majority with 152 sizeable fish being caught and returned for a grand total of 55lb 2 1/3oz, so well done to all.

Top rod on the night and his second win was Ben Nicholson with 17 fish for 6lb 6 2/3oz, second place went to Will Sprules with 15 fish for 5lb 5 1/3oz, and final podium spot went to Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse with 13 fish for 5lb 2 1/3oz

The “Fine Master” has now begun his reign of terror, Charlie will be posting up those who were fined and for what misdemeanor, remember this is a bit of fun and banter, no one will be fined more than 25p per fine to a maximum of £1 per week , some will escape a fine and not everyone will be targetted each week , unless your “the coach” then its a given…
Next week’s match is Bacton, please book in early especially with bait orders, meet at Red House Caravan Park if in doubt meet at shop and follow one of us down.

Final placings

Ben Nicholson 30pts
Will Sprules 29pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 28pts
Leon Smith 27pts
Richard Hipperson 26pts
Simon Bone 25pts
Chris Orders 24pts
Russell Taylor 23pts
Ian Childerhouse 22pts
Paul Thorburn 21pts
Barry Iseton 20pts
Dean James Gibson 19pts
Dene Conway 18pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 17pts
Billy Rush 16pts
Adrian Bordianu 15pts
Robert Durrant 14pts

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