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Nac Report Monday 27th February Kelling

Nac Report Monday 27th February Kelling

The end of the first month of the new season, saw 17 anglers arriving at Kelling, windy conditions but South Westerly, so easily fish able, not long after the start the heavens opened and those without shelters suffered the driving rain luckily this didn’t last too long, and then the fish came on the boil, pegs 9 ,10 and 11 were the hot pegs this week and it was one fish that separated the top two, coming out on top this week was Will Sprules with 18 fish for 6lb 11oz, 2nd place went to Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse with 17 fish for 6lb 4 2/3oz, and getting his first podium spot was Roger Cunnington with 15 fish 5lb 4 2/3oz, 191 fish were caught and returned for over 65lb in weight.
Heaviest flat went to Russell Taylor with a 26cm dab winning the roll over from the previous two weeks as well, and heaviest round fish went to Will Sprules with a whiting of 35cm.

Next weeks match is at Trimmingham down Vale road, if weather conditions dictate it may be moved back to the shingle, but all will be informed if this is the case.


Will Sprules 30pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 29pts
Roger Cunnington 28pts
Leon Smith 27pts
Simon Bone 26pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 25pts
Russell Taylor 24pts
Dene Conway 23pts
Barry Iseton 22pts
Ian Childerhouse 21pts
Adrian Bordianu 20pts
Richard Hipperson 19pts
Hamza Mizo 18pts
Billy Rush 17pts
Matt Lawes 16pts
Stuart Gotts 15pts
Dave Hall 14pts

NAC Report 20th February Overstrand

NAC Report Monday 20th February

A quick change of venue from Walcott to Overstrand saw 15 of us spread out to the right,this time of year you can never be sure of what is going to come out with bass already making an appearance on the sand venues and schoolies on the shingle, a lovely evening and a neap tide and a bonus of no weed for a change.

The mainstay of the night were the ever obliging rockling with 31 being carded, some undersized dabs and undersized whiting also made an appearance, the top 3 on the night all managed to find a dogfish each with the biggest being 56cm, Top spot on the night went to Ian Childerhouse with 6 fish (5 rockling and a dog) for 2lb 11 1/3oz.
2nd place went to Adrian Bordianu with 4 fish (3 rockling and a dog) for 1lb 14oz, 3rd place went to Russell Taylor with 2 fish (1 rockling and a dog) for 1lb 8 1/3oz.

A tough night with only two sizeable whiting coming out one for Henry Randell at 30cm and one for Dene Conway at 27cm, Richard Hipperson added to his species count with two coal fish the only ones of the night.

As always some great banter and well done to everyone.

Full results

Ian Childerhouse 30pts
Adrian Bordianu 29pts
Russell Taylor 28pts
Leon Smith 27pts
Dene Conway 26pts
Simon Bone 25pts
Matt Lawes 24pts
Henry Randell 23pts
Richard Hipperson 22pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 21pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 20pts
Ben Nicholson 19pts
Will Sprules 19pts
Roger Cunnington 18pts
Kimberley Lawn 5pts

NAC Report 13th February 2017

Cley 13-02-17
Well here’s an in depth report on the match at cley.

20 anglers turned up, 5 finished the match
Weather, windy
Water, rough as ****
Fish caught, 1

Well done Adrian Charlie Needham on finding the one and only fish braving the waves.
Also a big well done to, Adrian Bordianu, Billy Rush, Russell Taylor, and Will Sprules for enduring the full 3 and half hours.

Adrian Charlie Needham 30 points &
Biggest round fish 25 cm whiting. £10

5 points
Simon Bone
Dene Conway
Russell taylor
Barry Iseton
Robert Durrant
Ian Childerhouse
Dave Mathers
Richard Hipperson
Tash Hipperson
Leon Smith
Roger Cunnington
Will Sprules
Dave Hall
David Aldridge
Adam Molloy
Adrian Bordianu
Dean James Gibson
Billy Rush
Andrew Bunn

NAC Report 6th Feb 2017 Mundesley

First match of the new season , saw a great turnout of 24 anglers with two new members , Dave Hall and Roger Cunnington a big welcome to both of them. The match stretch was left and right of the slipway at Mundesley, and with flat calm conditions we were expecting it to be tough. We could not have predicted how tough it would be, only 6 anglers managed to find sizeable fish.

Top spot and his first ever match was Dave Hall who was coached and assisted for the evening by one of our novice development officers Richard Hipperson, this paid off for him with a nice 32cm flounder for 13 1/3oz sadly his only fish but enough to take the top spot. Second place went to league runner up Leon Smith also with one flounder at 31cm for 12oz, and third place went to Russell Taylor who managed to winkle out 3 rockling for 11 2/3oz.Adrian Bordianu was in 4th place with 2 fish for 9 1/3oz one a whiting of 29cm. 5th place went to Dene Conway who sneaked a flounder out on his last cast of 26cm for 6oz and finally in 6th place was Iain Molloy with a solitary rockling for 1 2/3oz.

A disappointing night for the majority, but that’s fishing, heaviest flat on the night picking up £12 was Dave Hall and Heaviest round was Adrian Bordianu also picking up £12.

Next weeks match is at Cley, please book in asap especially with you bait orders.

Dave Hall 30pts
Leon Smith 29pts
Russell Taylor 28pts
Adrian Bordianu 27pts
Dene Conway 26pts
Iain Molloy 25pts

rest receive 5pts

Roger Cunnington
Dean James Gibson
Kimberley Lawn
Simon Bone
Richard Hipperson
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse
Ian Childerhouse
Barry Iseton
Adrian Charlie Needham
Will Sprules
Billy Rush
Cip Retro
Stuart Gotts
David Aldridge
Dave Mathers
Richard Chapman
Andrew Bunn
Adam Molloy

Winter Season Final Results

NAC 2016 to 2017 Winter Season Final Results

Worst Score Deductions have been made and the final league standings are as follows below, it was very tight right up until the last match, well done to everyone. The league is based on consistency throughout the whole season, with a set amount of lowest scores including missed matches being deducted from the date of your first match within the club. If you have joined later in the season this has been taken into consideration and calculated into final deductions, any questions or queries please come into the shop where the master excel sheet is held.

Well done to the winners and to all the new members which have made this a great league and an excellent club, New Seasons starts Monday at Mundesley and i am pretty sure with the talent we now have within the club that it will be exceptionally close throughout.

Top 16 anglers have also be drawn out as pairs and are as follows
Simon Bone & Adrian Bordianu
Leon Smith & Dean James Gibson
Russell Taylor & Barry Iseton
Will Sprules & Kimberley Lawn
Adrian Charlie Needham & Billy Rush
Dene Conway & Richard Hipperson
Ian Childerhouse & Richard Chapman
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse & Ben Nicholson

NAC Report 30th January Kelling

NAC Report Kelling 30th Jan 2017
The final match of the winter season, which runs from September to end of January, and it is so close at the top anyone of about 6 people could take top spot honours after lowest match deductions, so it was all to play for and with another excellent turnout of 19 fishing and the pegging being left and right of the carpark, who would come out on top.

As we all know Kelling can produce fish in numbers but we also know that if you’re on a bad patch there is nothing you can do but hope that as the tide changes you may well start to find the fish. The evening was nice and calm with a slight swell rolling in, hardly any wind and no rain, weed was minimal a slight patch now and again on the leader knot but nothing to make it unfishable, the tide pull was strong and from the off the fish were on the feed, especially the pin whiting and undersized dabs.

A couple of new members again tonight with Matt Lawes making a welcome return and Ciprian A a warm welcome to you both.
On with the match and the night produced some great battles between individuals in contention but it was Simon Bone who took top rod honours for the 2nd week in a row with 17 fish for 6lb 4 1/3oz, Dave Mathers showing he hasn’t lost the touch took 2nd place with 13 fish for 4lb 13oz and the ever-consistent Leon Smith also with 13 fish for 4lb 9 1/3oz.

An excellent match for the last one of the season with 146 sizeable fish caught and returned for a total of 53lb, next week’s new start summer season will be at Mundesley, please book in early as this helps us get everything ready on Saturday morning.
Results of final standings will be posted up asap once deductions have been worked out.

Full Results
Simon Bone 30pts
Dave Mathers 29pts
Leon Smith 28pts
Ian Childerhouse 27pts
Dene Conway 26pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 25pts
Adrian Bordianu 24pts
Ben Nicholson 23pts
Will Sprules 22pts
Russell Taylor 21pts
Richard Chapman 20pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 19pts
Billy Rush 18pts
David Aldridge 17pts
Dean James Gibson 16pts
Ciprian Cip Retro 15pts
Matt Lawes 14pts
Gary Moore 13pts
Kimberley Lawn 12pts

NAC Report 23rd January Bacton

A low turnout for this match no doubt partly due to freezing temperatures on a venue not known to be prolific in winter. It was decided to turn the match into a rover but everyone stayed fairly close together in any case.
Fishing was hard with Dabs being the main prize as most whiting turning up were very small (having decided to keep size limits for whiting, bass and that bearded fish I can’t remember the name of, think it begins with a C..!). Kim Lawn did add a touch of variety with an 18cm Coalfish, something much more common in the North-East but a rare shore catch in Norfolk.
Top angler on the night was Simon Bone with 5 Dabs for 105 points, Will Sprules second with 3 fish for 79 points and Adrian Bordianu third with 3 fish for 65 points.
The flat calm conditions clearly didn’t help fishing and from what I gather online this area is greatly affected by longshore drift so it may well be the beach has shallowed (or at least larger sandbanks) following recent tidal surges?
Anyway tough fishing but always good to experience different types of match and I’m sure we all agree and arguably we learn more scratching than when the fish are in numbers.
Placings are as follows;
Simon Bone 30pts
Will Sprules 29pts
Adrian Bordianu 28pts
Ian Childerhouse 27pts
Ben Nicholson 26pts
Gary Moore 25pts
Leon Smith 24pts
Luke Childerhouse 23pts
Dean Gibson 22pts
Kim Lawn 21pts

Paul Rickard 5pts
Billy Rush 5pts
Russel Taylor 5pts
(other names are crossed off scorecard but anyone else I’ve missed for 5pts just let me know 🙂
(Any discrepancies with this report blame Kim and Simon for letting me have a go! I’m sure I can find the edit button if needs be…)

NAC Report 16th January Kelling

NAC Report the Tidal Surge Aftermath – Kelling

With many venues, out of bounds or cut off, our only option this week was to move to the haven of Kelling yet again, the storm surge that came through our region on Friday caused a lot of flooding including the coast road, cutting off venues and generally damaging access to others, Sheringham was our planned venue but too much damage had occurred to the promenade so no access signs were in place. Undeterred the committee quickly announced and informed all members of the switch.

With everyone assembled at the gates of the Muckleborough collection, our concern now was how much debris, weed and grass would be swirling around along the match stretch, would it be unfishable, or would we be in for a brilliant match.

Pegging tonight was to the right of the carpark spreading out towards the wreck, and 17 club members spread out along the now flat shingle bank, after the last tidal surge of 2013 the sea and beach seemed to be like a bowl with water in it sloshing back and forth and no structure to the wave or swell format, tonight was no exception and many of us thought the odd rogue waves may push up and cause havoc, but luckily we were all positioned just out of reach of the slight swell.

From the off it was clear NO WEED or very little, so now all we needed to find out was if the fish were ready to feed or had indeed feasted over the last few days of rough seas.

Welcome back to Robert Durrant who has had way to much work on to fish of late, also Chris Orders and new to club but not so new to angling Paul Thorburn.

Again, the shingle lived up to its reputation of being one of the hardest apprentices in match angling to master, as fish were coming out in all sizes, to all manner of bait and at all distances, some were plagued by mini dabs and mini whiting while others were straight into sizeable fish, some only managing to card a few fish in the last hour or so.

A brilliant match with plenty of action for the majority with 152 sizeable fish being caught and returned for a grand total of 55lb 2 1/3oz, so well done to all.

Top rod on the night and his second win was Ben Nicholson with 17 fish for 6lb 6 2/3oz, second place went to Will Sprules with 15 fish for 5lb 5 1/3oz, and final podium spot went to Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse with 13 fish for 5lb 2 1/3oz

The “Fine Master” has now begun his reign of terror, Charlie will be posting up those who were fined and for what misdemeanor, remember this is a bit of fun and banter, no one will be fined more than 25p per fine to a maximum of £1 per week , some will escape a fine and not everyone will be targetted each week , unless your “the coach” then its a given…
Next week’s match is Bacton, please book in early especially with bait orders, meet at Red House Caravan Park if in doubt meet at shop and follow one of us down.

Final placings

Ben Nicholson 30pts
Will Sprules 29pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 28pts
Leon Smith 27pts
Richard Hipperson 26pts
Simon Bone 25pts
Chris Orders 24pts
Russell Taylor 23pts
Ian Childerhouse 22pts
Paul Thorburn 21pts
Barry Iseton 20pts
Dean James Gibson 19pts
Dene Conway 18pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 17pts
Billy Rush 16pts
Adrian Bordianu 15pts
Robert Durrant 14pts

NAC Report 9th January Kelling

Monday 9th January Trimingham to Kelling

Another match on the sand at Trimingham we have had to reschedule due to rafts of red weed on the days leading up to the match, a quick change saw us heading to Kelling, which is probably one of the most productive and consistent beaches our coastline has to offer.

18 anglers were booked in but only 15 made it through the rain and wind and through the gates at Kelling pegging was in front of the cliffs as per the last match and it would be interesting to se if the hotspots were again up to the left of carpark.

The match started slowly and for many very frustrating with the usual undersized fish coming in, in triplicate, two hours of this and the fish started to play ball, with many carding in the last one and half hours, but some managed to plug away the odd sizeable one throughout the night, even Dean Gibson the chairman was catching fish from the first cast which is an unusual but pleasant sight.

With tonight’s pegging done by Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse being one of the younger fitter members, he managed to miss a peg out, which funnily would have been his dad Ian’s peg, so a walk back along the beach was needed by Ian to find a spot, needless to say Ian wanted to thrash his boy for this misdemeanor and prove no matter how far I have to walk I will beat you….And he did! as it was Ian Childerhouse taking this week’s top rod honors with 16 fish for 6lbs 1 1/3oz, second place went to the ever consistent Leon Smith with 13 fish for 4lb 5 1/3oz and final podium spot went to Simon Bone with 11 fish for 4lb 1 2/3oz.

A hard night fishing but again enjoyable with some great banter, I think experiencing the different conditions mother nature can throw at us can only make for a better understanding of what the fish may or may not be doing and inevitably make us all better anglers.

Well done to everyone next week’s match is scheduled for Sheringham, BUT if the weed clears we may try and get down to a sand venue as we have now missed two.

Those that haven’t paid their 2017 membership fees these are now due, either pay at the next match or pop into the shop and we can sort it there for you

Ian Childerhouse 30pts
Leon Smith 29pts
Simon Bone 28pts
Dene Conway 27pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 26pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 25pts
Adrian Bordianu 24pts
Dean James Gibson 24pts
Ian Wells 22pts
Russell Taylor 21pts
Will Sprules 20pts
Billy Rush 19pts
Barry Iseton 18pts
Andy Bray 18pts
Kimberley Lawn 17pts

NAC Report 2nd January 2017 Weybourne

Monday 2nd January Weybourne

The match was scheduled to be at the Old High, or rather Sheringham Boulevard fishing from the lifeboat station towards Old High, however, with a 4.9m tide and a Northerly wind and a fairly roughed up sea, it was collectively decided we should move to Weybourne in case of any rogue waves so with safety of club members in our minds we moved to Weybourne, a few pleasure anglers were on the shingle so pegging was to the left of them just past the pipe and n towards the wreck, pegging around a couple of other pleasure anglers.

16 Anglers spread out with Leon Smith drawing peg 1 and having to do the pegging, with a flooding tide this peg should normally produce the goods if fished correctly, by using the advantage of no one to your left you should have a vast area of ground to cover and should in theory win, this is not always the case but an end peg is much sought after in the match world. On to the match the first 45 mins to an hour the wind was howling, the sea was roaring and many could not hold bottom, and it seemed to be devoid of fish and the match seemed to be a general social evening with groups gathering around each other and discussing whether to pack up or carry on, luckily everyone decided to have another cast or two and it soon became apparent that with the wind dropping and the tide pushing up that it was indeed fishable now and most started to find the odd sizeable fish to card, perseverance was the key, rods up high to avoid the crashing waves and holding out for ten or so minutes was crucial to finding the fish.

The top spots were so close tonight with 1 fish in it between them all, but it was Leon Smith taking top spot honours from peg 1 with 9 fish for 3lb 8 oz. , closely followed by Dene Conway on peg 15 with 8 fish for 3lb 2 2/3oz narrowly beating Charlie Needham into third with 9 fish for 3lb 2 1/3oz, so 1/3 of an ounce.

Some snaggy spots were also uncovered with Dave Mathers losing 6 sets of gear and cutting his evening short, but for most it was an enjoyable evening albeit very hard work, well done to all.

In total 78 sizeable fish were caught for 28lb 11oz, with less undersize fish making an appearance and some good-sized whiting up to 33cm

This Friday is the clubs AGM, at Kingswood Activity Centre, in Overstand, please be there for about 6:30pm, all members are welcome even if not having booked food, this is your club so come along and have a chat , put forward ideas and show your support for committee members who work hard behind the scenes, please let the secretary Simon Bone know asap if you will be attending.

The next match is Trimingham down Vale road if unsure where to go please meet at the shop for 5pm, yearly memberships are now due, and will be taken over the next two weeks, if you cant make a match please pop into the shop to renew your memberships.

As always please try and book in early especially your bait orders.

Leon Smith 30pts
Dene Conway 29pts
Charlie Needham 28pts
Luke Childerhouse 27pts
Adrian Bordianu 26pts
Russell Taylor 25pts
Barry Iseton 24pts
Simon Bone 23pts
Dave Aldridge 23pts
Will Sprules 21pts
Ian Childerhouse 20pts
Ian Wells 19pts
Billy Rush 18pts
Dean Gibson 17pts

5 pts to
Kim Lawn
Dave Mathers

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