NAC Report 7-11-16 Weybourne

13 anglers arrived at Weybourne for this week’s Norfolk Angling Club match as several members are away including our very own Kimberley Lawn who is currently representing England Ladies at the World Shore Angling Championships in Ireland so good luck to her and all the home nation teams.

After a few days of rough weather, unfishable seas and bitter cold winds, it was nice to see the waves had diminished somewhat, the wind had died down totally and the rain had stopped, so no fear of cancelling this match which was to be a roving match catch and release format as normal. From Weybourne carpark to the left we were spread out, and our hopes were set on the arrival of some good whiting, dabs and flounders and whatever else may be thrown up this time of year as it can be very unpredictable.

Fishing the flood tide in moderate to rough seas, we all set our shelters and gear up on top of the shingle bank in case of any rogue waves, but after the first cast and the realization that there was a tremendous amount of red weed in close, most decided to take their rod and stand to the waters edge and keep them up high to avoid the waves and weed, this proved to be the only way forward for most to allow time to connect with a few fish before the weed ripped your grip lead out and off you trotted washed up or buried in the shingle.

Richard Hipperson (the coach) had a surprising start with a nice 30cm sole, along with Dene and Simon all three were directly over from the carpark and were slowly picking out the odd sizeable fish, a slack line bite for Dene resulted in plump 27cm Pout, but it was nip and tuck between these three right up until the last 30 mins when Dene managed to card a double of good dabs and a single on the last cast. Meanwhile up towards the wreck Charlie Needham had not found a sizeable fish by 10pm but managed to scratch out 5 fish in the last 30 minutes to secure 3rd place with 2lb 1 1/3oz just showing that no matter how bad the match is it can all change in the last few minutes so perseverance and patience can sometimes be rewarded.

Meanwhile back at the cliffs, the two Pete’s (Durkin and Hansell) had called it a day and departed before the fish came on, but it was back at the other end where father and son duo were battling once again, it was Ian Childerhouse who did the business finding 9 fish for 2lb 13 1/3oz giving him 2nd place overall.
Also, up that end was Richard Chapman who had a nightmare of a match losing 8 or so sets of leads but still fought on to save the blank, well done mate.

Taking top spot this week was Dene Conway managing 8 fish for 2lb 15 2/3oz, a close-run battle with Ian Childerhouse with only 7pts separating 1st and 2nd place.

All in all it was a pleasant evening, hard fishing conditions and certainly not for the faint hearted so well done to everyone for sticking at it. Some good-sized whiting and dabs were also recorded so it shouldn’t be too long before the winter fishing is in full swing with big weights on the cards each week. In total 43 fish were caught and returned.

Next week’s match is scheduled for Cley and is a length only match, if for any reason this needs to be changed announcements will be made on Facebook and via text message, please make sure you book in early especially with bait orders.

Dene Conway 30pts
Ian Childerhouse 29pts
Charlie Needham 28pts
Richard Hipperson 27pts
Simon Bone 26pts
Luke Childerhouse 26pts
Stuart Gotts 24pts
Russell Taylor 23pts
Leon Smith 22pts
Richard Chapman 21pts
Barry Iseton 20pts

5 pts to Pete Durkin & Pete Hansell

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