NAC Report 14-11-16 Cley


18 anglers arrived at Cley, and as some had already fished the day before at the teams of five match, which wasn’t particularly good fishing, expectations were not great, although we were in darkness and tonight’s match was a length only match who knew how it would pan out.

The influx of good sized whiting as is normal this time of year, just have not made their appearance yet, so pin whiting and small dabs were the mainstay.

Being a length only match this allows club members to concentrate on numbers rather than weight and also gives experience for those who travel away to other parts of the country where length only matches are the norm.

The match was pegged left and right of the car park, and from the off dabs and tings were showing, nothing big and no consistency to distances for some, but a few managed to find the odd sweet spot which resulted in a steady flow of singles, doubles and the odd triple shot.

There was a quiet spot half way through the match due to slack water but as soon as the tide started to push again the fish were back on the feed.

This turned into one of the best matches NAC have had in a long time, with most carding and most finding a good number of fish and some excellent battles between people, notable performances came from Neil Haynes with 18 fish for 366cm, Luke Childerhouse with 17 fish for 350cm and Will Sprules with 15 fish 316cm, some struggled to find the fish early but came good towards the end of the match.

It was also a new experience for Lee Morgan fishing his first club match also managed to save the blank with a couple of fish, welcome to the mad house.

Out on peg 1 was Charlie Needham who was battling with Simone Bone on peg 4 , but using the end peg and blank peg advantage he managed to push Simon into third place with 20 fish for 428cm, giving Charlie second place with 20 fish for 444, but it was Dene Conway on peg 14 taking top rod honors for the second week in a row carding 26 fish for 526cm.

All in all 189 fish were recorded in 3 and half hours and everyone enjoyed a great evening and an excellent match.

Next week’s match is at Salthouse and is a normal club match everyone welcome.


Dene Conway 30pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 29pts
Simon Bone 28pts
Neil Haynes 27pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 26pts
Will Sprules 25pts
Ian Childerhouse 24pts
Richard Chapman 23pts
Paul Rickard 22pts
Dean James Gibson 21pts
Leon Smith 20pts
Billy Rush 19pts
Richard Hipperson 18pts
Ronald de Boer 17pts
Lee Morgan 16pts
Pete Durkin 15pts

5 Pts also go to

Dave Mathers
Peter Hansell

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