Monday 3rd October NAC league match Sheringham Boulevard

Monday 3rd October NAC league match Sheringham Boulevard
Another good turnout this week with 20 anglers with high expectations. With the sea roughed up a bit people were hoping for whiting , dabs and maybe a lucky bass and even a early cod if they were here yet.
As the match went on though it turned out to be a lot harder with a lot of red weed about and the attack of the flies. There were a few early bass caught unfortunately they were undersize Charlie coming close with 35cm and andy bunn with a 24cm flounder. In the end there were only 4 sizable fish caught all bass. Now onto the results pete hansell had 1 bass for 68points 1lb 6oz2/3 giving 4th place Richard chapman had 1 bass for 92points 1lb 14oz2/3 giving him 3rd Paul Rickard had the biggest bass of the evening 57cm giving him 174 points which was 3lb 10oz and 2nd place now on to the winner who never manages to catch here and snapping his rod at the start was Russell taylor who managed 2 bass for 214 points 4lb 7oz1/3 well done.
Russell taylor  30pts
Paul Rickard    29pts
Richard Chapman   28pts
Pete Hansell    27pts
Everyone else receives 5pts
Dene Conway
Leon Smith
Eamon Finch
Rchard  Hipperson
Simon Bone
Ben Nicholsen
Charlie Needham
Neil Haynes
Will Sprules
Dean Gibson
Pete Durkin
Andy Bunn
Dave Mathers
Barry Iseton
Andy Turk
Gary Moore

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