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NAC Report 31-10-16 Salthouse

Monday 31st October , Salthouse

15 anglers again tonight with not a breeze in the air, and the sea like a mirror, perfect whiting conditions , but had the bigger ones turned up in numbers yet? From the off everyone was plagued with pin whiting , undersized dabs and crabs. Everyone kept plugging away and hoping to find the bigger fish , as it turned out only one angler blanked but it was a struggle for everyone.

1st place podium went to club secretary Simone Bone scratching out 5 fish for 1lb 12oz, 2nd on the night was Richard Chapman also finding 5 fish for 1lb 10 2/3oz, 3rd place went to Leon Smith with 3 fish for 1lb 2/3oz.

No bonus fish but we managed to card 36 fish between us and although tough going was an enjoyable evening with plenty of the usual banter.Lets hope the whiting turn up in numbers for next week.
This was also a pairs match details of the winning pairs will be published later

Next weeks match is at Weybourne this will be a rover , but we have a guest comng from Norwich university who is keen to take photographs of groups of anglers fishing so please try not to walk off miles on your own so we can maybe get a group shot.

As always we will be taking bait orders and booking in at the shop or on here, dont leave it until last minute as we need to make sure diggers get enough in.


Simon Bone 30pts
Richard Chapman 29pts
Leon Smith 28pts
Will Sprules 27pts
Ian Childerhouse 27pts
Russell Taylor 25pts
Barry Iseton 24pts
Ben Nicholson 23pts
Dave Mathers 22pts
Dene Conway 21pts
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 21pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 21pts
Peter Hansell 18pts
Ronald de Boer 17pts

Pete Durkin 5pts

NAC Report 24-10-16 Overstrand

Monday 24th October NAC league match OVERSTRAND
This match we had 16 anglers turn up which was going to be a new venue for the Norfolk angling club and not knowing what to expect so we pegged it to the right. As the match started it become clear it was going to be hard with everyone being dragged to the left by a lot of weed and with only a few fish being caught hiding in all the weed. But as the tide hit low water and the weed became manageable the fish decided to turn up in there numbers and a lot of whiting were being caught and even a couple bonus fish Richard chapman bringing in a big bass and luke childerhouse with a lovely 40cm codling but it was mainly whiting being caught and so onto the results taking 3rd this week was Charlie needham with 320cm taking 2nd place was Russell taylor with 362cm and taking 1st with a impressive 446cm was ian childerhouse
Full results
1st ian childerhouse 30 points
2nd Russell taylor 29 points
3rd Charlie needham 28 points
4th leon smith 27 points
5th ben Nicholson 26 points
6th andy bunn 25 points
7th luke childerhouse 24 points
8th Richard chapman 23 points
9th simon bone 22 points
10th will sprules 21 points
11th dene Conway 20 points
12th martin 19 points
Everyone else 5 point
Adam molloy
Kim lawn
Dean Gibson
Gary hedge

NAC Report 17-10-16 Cley

Cley 17/10/16

17 anglers arrived to quite settled conditions with plenty of fish out the day before everyones hopes were up. Unfortunately the fish didnt want to come out to play. With only 8 managing to card it wasnt the funniest of sessions. Taking third place with 2 fish for 9oz1/3 was Simon. In second place also with 2 fish for 10oz was Will and taking top spot with one big flounder was Gary for 13oz1/3. Next weeks match is at Overstrand hopefully with more fish.

1st Gary Moore 30points
2nd Will Sprules 29points
3rd Simon Bone 28points
4th Ben Nicholson 27points
5th Pete Durkin 26points
6th Richard Hipperson 25points
7th Russell Taylor 24points
8th Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse 23points

NAC Report 10-10-16 Trimingham

Trimingham 10/10/2016

19 anglers arrived to a rather choppy looking sea. The match was run as a rover. With serveral anglers making the long walk to the left and some to the right it proved to be a mixed bag. Weed was a pain for some but not for everyone. Although the conditions looked good and the reports were too it proved to be a hard match. With only 9 out of the 19 managing to find sizable fish. In third place this week with 4 fish for 1lb 8oz was Russell. In second place was Will with 3 fish for 2lb 3oz. Taking top spot with 1 fish for 2lb 15oz2/3 was Kimberley. Next week we are at Cley hope to see as many of you there as possible.

1st Kimberley Lawn 30points
2nd Will Sprules 29points
3rd Russell Taylor 28points
4th Dene Conway 27points
5th Adrian Charlie Needham 26points
6th Ian Childerhouse 25points
6th Andrew Bunn 25points
8th Leon Smith 23points
9th Simon Bone 22points

5 points
Richard Hipperson
Neil Haynes
Luke Lukeyboy Childerhouse
Stuart Gotts
Richard Chapman
Dave Mathers
Pete Durkin
Pete Hansell
Eamon Finch
Gavin Nichols

Monday 3rd October NAC league match Sheringham Boulevard

Monday 3rd October NAC league match Sheringham Boulevard
Another good turnout this week with 20 anglers with high expectations. With the sea roughed up a bit people were hoping for whiting , dabs and maybe a lucky bass and even a early cod if they were here yet.
As the match went on though it turned out to be a lot harder with a lot of red weed about and the attack of the flies. There were a few early bass caught unfortunately they were undersize Charlie coming close with 35cm and andy bunn with a 24cm flounder. In the end there were only 4 sizable fish caught all bass. Now onto the results pete hansell had 1 bass for 68points 1lb 6oz2/3 giving 4th place Richard chapman had 1 bass for 92points 1lb 14oz2/3 giving him 3rd Paul Rickard had the biggest bass of the evening 57cm giving him 174 points which was 3lb 10oz and 2nd place now on to the winner who never manages to catch here and snapping his rod at the start was Russell taylor who managed 2 bass for 214 points 4lb 7oz1/3 well done.
Russell taylor  30pts
Paul Rickard    29pts
Richard Chapman   28pts
Pete Hansell    27pts
Everyone else receives 5pts
Dene Conway
Leon Smith
Eamon Finch
Rchard  Hipperson
Simon Bone
Ben Nicholsen
Charlie Needham
Neil Haynes
Will Sprules
Dean Gibson
Pete Durkin
Andy Bunn
Dave Mathers
Barry Iseton
Andy Turk
Gary Moore

Cobblacre Roadside Lake OCT 2ND

Cobblacre Roadside Lake OCT 2ND
11 anglers tune up on a wet and blustery morning pegs were picked and we set of to the lake to get ready for the match. The wind started to drop and the sun came out. The anglers nearest the road had sun the whole day while those on the further bank were shaded and cold the whole time. Fishing was going to be difficult because of the amount of overnight rain. Eamonn Finch took top spot with a total of 9lb 6oz followed by Gavin Nichols with 8lb 10oz and third place went to Darren Black 5lb 11oz
Next match is at Cobbleacre Match Lake on Sunday 30th Oct

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