NAC Report 5th September 2016 Old High


25 turned out for the first match of the new season. Was great to see so many anglers keen to get back into the competitive side off fishing with some new faces as well.
With the added incentive off the super pools this seasons with some big cash prizes up for grabs at the end of it, so keen was Pete Durkin to get fishing even the 6.15 train from Sheringham wasn’t going to stop him from getting on the beach nice and early.
The conditions where perfect for a nice pleasure fish on the beach, not so for a match, very mild, flat calm sea, crystal clear water and a touch off weed.
We all new it was going to be hard with most opting to fish close in with the hope off picking up some nice flounders.
Early on reports where coming in off small Bass being caught including myself with a 32cm. Couple off pegs down from me Leon managed a 20cm wrasse, sadly too small to card but nice to see they can be caught from our beaches.
Crabs where being a real pain, stripping baits within minutes, not just crabs as Billy Rush discovered as he pulled in a lobster just before the end.
2 and half hours in the chairman Dean James Gibson was getting bored ( to be honest he was bored within the first 20 minutes) and decided to take a walk, on his return the news was that Kimberley Lawn had had a nice 58cm bass with a couple off smaller ones coming out to other anglers, apart from that it was just the odd flounder here and there. Was looking like Kim was sitting pretty for the win until 10 mins from the end when both myself and Adrian Charlie Needham landed a 57 cm Bass each, unluckily for Kim, Charlie had allready carded a flounder giving him top honours with 4lb 4 2/3, Kim took 2nd spot with 3lb 12 2/3 and Russell end up with a jammy 3rd place with 3lb 10oz.

1st. Adrian Charlie Needham 30 points
2nd. Kimberly Lawn 29 points
3rd. Russell Taylor. 28 points
4th. Will Spruce 27 points
5th. Pete Durkin. 26 points
6th. Barry Iseton. 25 points
7th Leon Smith. 24 points
= Andrew Turk. 24 points
9th Ben Nicholson. 22 points
10th. Neil Haynes. 21 points
11th Richard Chapman 20 points

5 points
Dene Conway
Richard Hipperson
Dean Gibbson
Simon Bone
Pete Hansel
Andrew Bunn
Dave Mathers
Paul Rickard
Ian Lambert
Gary Moore
Iain Molloy
Billy Rush
Michael Ranson
Chris Orders

Pete Durkin & Leon Smith 50 points
Andy Turk & Neil Haynes 45 points
Charlie Needham & Dean Gibson 35 points
Kimberley Lawn & Pete Hansel 34 points
Russell Taylor & Iain Molloy 33 points
Will Spruce & Paul Ricard 32 points
Barry Isteon & Dave Mathers 30 points
Simon Bone & Ben Nicholson27 points
Richard Chapman & Richard Hipperson 25 points
Dene Conway & Ian Lambert 10 points
Andy Bunn & Garry Moore 10 points
Mark Batson & Adam Molloy 0 points

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