NAC Report 12th September Bacton

Ok 2nd attempt at match report 12/09/16 winter NAC league….
It was a nice summers evening as 20 anglers from NAC pitched up to pity their wits against the bacton sand
The evening was very plesent smooth hounds dorsal fins showing foraging for some late female peelers, bass chasing the mackrel into the shallows and a pod of dolphins playing in the background to a majestic sunset….
Now for the reality… it was a stuggle as usual for most as it has been of late.
Water was clear apart from some weed when the tide pushed through after dark
Plenty of pin whiting and weevers making a show for themselves a few anglers did manage to card with the following results:
5th Richard Chapman 1 dab 24cm
Joint 4th Adrian Charlie Needham 1 dab 25cm and Gary Moore 1 flounder 25cm
3rd Simon Bone 2 flounder 29 and 28cm
2nd Leon Smith 1 dab 24cm and a billy bass 44cm
1st place showing it how it’s done is Will Sprules 2 flounder 27 and 25 cm, one sole 25cm one dab 24cm and another billy bass 40cm
Andrew Bunn did have a smoothie pup at 39cm but undersize maybe if he talked less to Russell Taylor he might of done better.

Well done to all that attended and let’s hope Kelling fairs better

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