19th September 2016 NAC report Kelling

Match Report: No 3
19th September 2016
Venue: Kelling
Weather: Dry and overcast wind Northerly 7/10 mph
High tide circa 21:00 circa 4:00m
Water: Clear / 17.9 C (2.2 C above average)
Moon phase: 94%
Predicted fishing: fair

Eighteen anglers plus Andy Bunn turned up to fish, full of hope and expectation. I was the first to head down to the shingle via the usual route to park as close to the gate as possible to save my energy for the fishing, to be greeted by the owner of the site who was waving at me from distance and being the gentleman that I am I politely waved back and carried on only to find out later that they were shooting along the road and Gibbo had failed to share this important information with me which I can only conclude as being an attempt to take me out of the running, nasty man!
Many first casts yielded fish up and down the beach which were mostly undersize filling us with what for most turned out to be false hope. Oddly there were a number of large mackerel that were taking worm baits which was unusual together with flounder dabs and too many tiny pin whiting. The crabs were also ever present no doubt encouraged by the warm water. However the saving grace for some of us was a flush of sizeable bass who showed after dark
Let’s hope this Northerly wind kicks in for a bit longer which should improve our chances for next week at Mundesley

Scores on the doors:
1st Neil Haynes 159
2nd Richard Chapman 105
3rd Pete Hansell 80
4th Richard Hipperson 51
5th Simone Simon Bone 29
6th Clive Parker 27
7th Paul Rickard 25
8th Adrian Charlie Needham 23
9th Andrew Bunn 23

All others 5 points
Robert Durrant
Dean James Gibson
Pete Durkin
Andrew Turk
Dave Mathers
Gary Moore
Will Sprulles
Leon Smith
Kimberley Lawn

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