NAC Match Report Weybourne 20th June 2016

Sorry its late but we finally have internet back in the shop!!Weybourne 20/06/16 Rover16 anglers arrived at weybourne, a low turn out due to the england game being on, many of which regretted that decsion at this has to have been the best NAC Match since records began. It was a beautiful summers evening with a flat calm but coloured no expected that the hounds were in. From the first chuck within minutes Russell had beached his frist smoothound. No sooner was that landed then more came in the full length of the beach. The hounds were at no great distance meaning that anyone could reach them. The Biggest of the night was a lovely 100cm one caught by Billy who had choosen to fish up at the wreck. Top bait was peeler crab and a few dabs and flounder were caught as well. In third place with the large hound and 4 other fish was Billy with a total of 12lb 11oz 1/3. In second place chossing a shorter walk near to the pipe was Pete H bagging up 3 fish for 27lb 9oz2/3. Finally top spot and the highest ever NAC score ws Russell with 6 fish for 28lb 15oz (1378 weight points). The total weight for the night was 100lb 10oz.

1st Russell Taylor 30points

2nd Pete Hansell 29points

3rd Billy Rush 28points

4th Will Sprules 27points

5th Neil Haynes 26points

6th Barry Iseton 25points

7th Kimberley Lawn 24points

8th Pete Durkin 23points

9th Richard Chapman 22points

10th Simon Bone 21points

11th Ronald de Boer 20points

12th Mike G 19points

5points Gary Moore Wayne Matthews Russell Baker Stephen Roper

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