Walcott 8/2/2016

Walcott 8/02/16
11 anglers turned up to Walcott and were greeted by a high sea. Other venues were checked as a possibility but it was decided that we would wait it out a little while for the sea to go out a bit. So obviously we waited down at the poacher pocket for a bit. With no obvious sign the sea was going out it was decided that we would fish from the road and it was rods in at 1930 but not before a local decided to speak his mind to one club member about having our cars on the wrong side of the road. To which he kindly reminded him that they were there for our safety so that cars could see us. Conditions were not the easiest but the sea was a lovely chocolaty colour and had a good lump on. Unfortunately no one had told the fish we were coming tonight and on 4 out of the 11 managed to find sizable fish. In thrid place with 1 fish for 6oz2/3 was Russell. In Second place with 2 fish for 8oz was Andy Bunn. And taking top spot with 3 fish for a whopping 14oz was Gary. Wel done to all that fished and stuck out the wind and the rain. Next week we are at Kelling. Please make sure you are there between 1800-1815. As per usual please book in on here or via the shop.

1st Gary Moore 30points
2nd Andrew Bunn 29points
3rd Russell Taylor 28points
4th Dene Conway 27points

Kimberley Lawn
Simon Bone
Richard Hipperson
Wayne Mathews
Billy Rush
Adrian Charlie Needham
Neil Hayes

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