Mundesley 22/02/2016

Mundesley 22/02/16 Bait Pack

10 anglers arrived at Mundesley expecting weed and slightly rough conditions. The weed wasn’t to bad and although for most there was a bit of tide pull there was only a few tangles that occurred. It was under the moonlight that the banter started as there was a distinct lack of fish. The match was started up on the prom but everyone was on the sand in the end. In total there was only 2 fish carded. Taking second place with a lucky last cast Slug was Kimberley Lawn for 2oz. Overall winner with the only other carded fish was Billy Rush also with a Rockling weighing it at a massive 2oz 2/3.

Although the fishing was a bit dull the company wasn’t and as always we had a bit of a laugh. Next week we are at the ever testing Sheringham. Book in on here or via the shop please.

1st Billy Rush 30points
2nd Kimberley Lawn 29points

5 points
Russell Taylor
Richard Hipperson
Simon Bone
Paul Rickard
Gary Moore
Mark Batson
Steve Smith
David Aldridge

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