Kelling 15/2/2016

Kelling 15/02/16

19 anglers arrived nice and early at the gates ready to go along with a few new faces that had travelled a fair old way for the match. There was a chilly Northerly wind and no rain predicted. How wrong that was, with a heavy rain shower shortly followed by a hail shower as well. The sea was rather rough and to begin with holding bottom wasn’t an issue but as the match wen on and the flood was well under way it became very difficult. Weed wasn’t too bad but was enough to stop the leader knot from going through and even managed to trapped other stuff (thanks Paul for removing whatever it was off my leader). The fishing wasn’t easy with most able to find a few undersize fish and even less being carded it wasn’t going to take much to win it. In third place with a grand total of 2 fish for 13oz1/3 was Big Pete. In joint first place was Russell and Simon both getting 1lb 2/3.

Next weeks match is at Mundesley. Meet at the car park at top of the main slip by the amusements and as always please book in on here or via the shop.

1st Russell Taylor 30points
2nd Simon Bone 30points
3rd Pete Hansell 28points
4th Dan Panter 27points
5th Wayne Matthews 26points
6th Richard Hipperson 25points
7th Barry Iseton 25points
8th Kimberley Lawn 24points
9th Michael Ranson 23points
10th Paul Rickard 23points
11th Billy Rush 23points

5 points
Dene Conway
Pete Durkin
Neil Hayes
Gary Moore
Adrian Charlie Needham
Dan Turner
Andrew Turk
David Aldridge

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