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Mundesley 22/02/2016

Mundesley 22/02/16 Bait Pack

10 anglers arrived at Mundesley expecting weed and slightly rough conditions. The weed wasn’t to bad and although for most there was a bit of tide pull there was only a few tangles that occurred. It was under the moonlight that the banter started as there was a distinct lack of fish. The match was started up on the prom but everyone was on the sand in the end. In total there was only 2 fish carded. Taking second place with a lucky last cast Slug was Kimberley Lawn for 2oz. Overall winner with the only other carded fish was Billy Rush also with a Rockling weighing it at a massive 2oz 2/3.

Although the fishing was a bit dull the company wasn’t and as always we had a bit of a laugh. Next week we are at the ever testing Sheringham. Book in on here or via the shop please.

1st Billy Rush 30points
2nd Kimberley Lawn 29points

5 points
Russell Taylor
Richard Hipperson
Simon Bone
Paul Rickard
Gary Moore
Mark Batson
Steve Smith
David Aldridge

Kelling 15/2/2016

Kelling 15/02/16

19 anglers arrived nice and early at the gates ready to go along with a few new faces that had travelled a fair old way for the match. There was a chilly Northerly wind and no rain predicted. How wrong that was, with a heavy rain shower shortly followed by a hail shower as well. The sea was rather rough and to begin with holding bottom wasn’t an issue but as the match wen on and the flood was well under way it became very difficult. Weed wasn’t too bad but was enough to stop the leader knot from going through and even managed to trapped other stuff (thanks Paul for removing whatever it was off my leader). The fishing wasn’t easy with most able to find a few undersize fish and even less being carded it wasn’t going to take much to win it. In third place with a grand total of 2 fish for 13oz1/3 was Big Pete. In joint first place was Russell and Simon both getting 1lb 2/3.

Next weeks match is at Mundesley. Meet at the car park at top of the main slip by the amusements and as always please book in on here or via the shop.

1st Russell Taylor 30points
2nd Simon Bone 30points
3rd Pete Hansell 28points
4th Dan Panter 27points
5th Wayne Matthews 26points
6th Richard Hipperson 25points
7th Barry Iseton 25points
8th Kimberley Lawn 24points
9th Michael Ranson 23points
10th Paul Rickard 23points
11th Billy Rush 23points

5 points
Dene Conway
Pete Durkin
Neil Hayes
Gary Moore
Adrian Charlie Needham
Dan Turner
Andrew Turk
David Aldridge

Walcott 8/2/2016

Walcott 8/02/16
11 anglers turned up to Walcott and were greeted by a high sea. Other venues were checked as a possibility but it was decided that we would wait it out a little while for the sea to go out a bit. So obviously we waited down at the poacher pocket for a bit. With no obvious sign the sea was going out it was decided that we would fish from the road and it was rods in at 1930 but not before a local decided to speak his mind to one club member about having our cars on the wrong side of the road. To which he kindly reminded him that they were there for our safety so that cars could see us. Conditions were not the easiest but the sea was a lovely chocolaty colour and had a good lump on. Unfortunately no one had told the fish we were coming tonight and on 4 out of the 11 managed to find sizable fish. In thrid place with 1 fish for 6oz2/3 was Russell. In Second place with 2 fish for 8oz was Andy Bunn. And taking top spot with 3 fish for a whopping 14oz was Gary. Wel done to all that fished and stuck out the wind and the rain. Next week we are at Kelling. Please make sure you are there between 1800-1815. As per usual please book in on here or via the shop.

1st Gary Moore 30points
2nd Andrew Bunn 29points
3rd Russell Taylor 28points
4th Dene Conway 27points

Kimberley Lawn
Simon Bone
Richard Hipperson
Wayne Mathews
Billy Rush
Adrian Charlie Needham
Neil Hayes

Weybourne 1/2/2016

40+ mile an hour SW winds greeted us for the first match of the new season, 18 anglers braved the conditions, fishing a flooding tide, a good sea was running with some large swells every now and again, weed was minimal and to start off it seemed only smaller fish were out to play, but as the match progressed more and more good sized whiting made their appearance with some double shots and 35cm plus fish.

Top fish of the evening went to club secretary Simon Bone on peg 10 finding a cracking sole of 31cm, certainly not a regular fish off the shingle but more and more of these showing up over the last couple of years.

Anyway back to the match it was one of those if the fish were not in front of you you didnt catch them, but with the sizeable whiting being at different distances throughout the match finding a good patch of them was a struggle.

A good battle was had between Andy Bunn and Dene Conway all the way through the match on pegs 12 and 13 but in the last 30 minutes it was Dene who came out on top , taking 1st place with 12 fish for 4lb 4 1/3oz, 2nd place went to Andy Bunn with 8 fish for 3lb 7 2/3oz, 3rd place was shared by previous league winner Russell Taylor and Andrew Turk with 7 and 6 fish for 2lb 8oz.

New members Neil Hayes and Dave Mathers managed a respectable 7th and 8th place so well done and welcome to the club.

Well done to all who braved the conditions was a very tough match with lots of undersized fish but in total we had 65 sizeable fish caught and returned for a total weight of 23lb 15oz from the 12 anglers who managed to card.

Next weeks match is at Walcott please book in via the shop or on here.

Full Results

Dene Conway 30pts
Andrew Bunn 29pts
Russell Taylor 28pts
Andrew Turk 28pts
Simon Bone 26pts
Wayne Mathews 25pts
Neil Hayes 24pts
Dave Mathers 23pts
David Aldridge 23pts
Adrian Charlie Needham 23pts
Barry Iseton 20pts
Billy Rush 20pts

all others receive 5 pts

Kimberley Lawn
Peter Hansell
Richard Hipperson
Gary Moore
Ian Copeland
Mike Michael Ranson

Pairs Results match 1

Andy Bunn & Russell Taylor 57pts
Dene Conway & Simon Bone 56pts
Andrew Turk & Charlie Needham 51pts
Wayne Mathews & Mike Ranson 30pts
Dave Aldridge & Peter Hansell 28pts
Mark Batson & Neil Hayes 24pts
Kim Lawn & Pete Durkin 5pts
Richard Hipperson & Steve Smith 5pts

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