North Beach Yarmouth 28/12/2015

12 anglers ventured down to North Beach in strong winds and a fair old walk, all expectant of a Christmas codling or at least lots of good sized whiting. Once everyone was setup the match started and away we went triple shots and doubles but the majority undersized. Guest anglers Adele Smith & John Smith also came along for a bit of pre new year fishing and John made it a worthwhile trip managing to winkle out 8 fish for 3lb 2/3oz 2nd spot went to Andrew Turk with 3 fish for 1lb 3 1/3oz, and 3rd place went to The coach Richard Hipperson also 3 fish for 1lb 1 1/3oz..

All in all a very hard match with the majority only finding undersized fish, next weeks match is back to Bacton and parking this time will be at the Red House Chalet and Caravan Park, meeting at 6pm, this is next door to our usual parking area as one of our new members managed to get access for the club. Please book in via the shop or on here, parking fees will be £1 per person as a thank you to the land owner.

The league table is now drawing to a close with only 4 matches left before the new 2016 season begins and its tight at the top, so please make the effort to come along and get your first club match of the new year under your belt.

Full results:
John Smith 30pts
Andrew Turk 29pts
Richard Hipperson 28pts
Kimberley Lawn 27pts
Michael Ranson 26pts
Adele Smith 25pts
Peter Pete Durkin 24pts

everyone else to receive 5pts
Dene Conway
Peter Hansell
Simon Bone
Gary Moore
Ian Lambert

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