30/11/2015 Old High

Monday Night league 30/11/15 Old High

16 eager anglers turned up most of which were early who got a good soaking before even getting to the beach and one angler in particuar that had to peg was especially damp….. Conditions were dry once we started to fish but rather windy. Sea had a bit of chop on and weed was there but not in force just enough to get stuck on the leader knot. All along the beach the whiting were coming in thick and fast with some good ones thrown in. In total 126 sizable fish were caught and all of them were whiting i guess no other fish stood a chance at finding the bait!! In 3rd place with 12 fish for 4lb 7oz was Charlie. In second place was Gary with a cracking 15 fish for 5lb 14oz2/3. And taking top spot was Leon with 16 fish for 6lb 2oz2/3. Next week we are at Walcott meeting at the carpark bit on the wall. As always book in on here or via the shop and same for bait orders. Anyone wishing to renew their membership can do so on at the next match. Its £10 for the year and starts as of January.

1st Leon Smith 30points
2nd Gary Moore 29points
3rd Adrian Charlie Needham 28points
4th Andrew Turk 27points
5th Simon Bone 26points
6th David Aldridge 25points
7th Tom W
8th Dene Conway 23points
9th Russell Taylor 22points
10th Michael Ranson 21points
11th Paul Rickard 20points
12th Kimberley Lawn 19points
13th Hamza Mizo 18points
14th Eamon Finch 17points
15th Pete Durkin 16points

5points Daniel A Aldridge

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