2/11/2015 Sea Palling

Monday Night League Sea Palling 02/11/15
12 anglers met up at the slip at Sea Palling in what I can only descirbe as the worst fog I have ever fished in!! For most this was a new venue and with the previous high mark close to the wall we were cauitous to make sure had an escape off the beach. Once at are pegs it was a little weird as we could hear the sea but not see it until you had walked right up to it. Most anglers could find some undersize dabs, flounder, whiting a few Bass. A few fish were carded but it was hard going. As the night went on the fog had lifted and by the end you could see the other end of the pegs which at the start you could barely see the one next to you!!. So on to the results. In third place with 3 fish for 14oz was Russell Taylor. In second place with 2 fish for 1lb 1oz2/3 was Mike Ranson. And taking top spot 2 weeks in a row was Kimberley Lawn with 4 fish for 1 lb 2oz2/3. Thanks to all who turned up and gave it a go maybe it will fish better right after a good stir up. Next week we are at Bacton so as always booking in and bait orders on here or via the shop.
1st Kimberley Lawn 30points
2nd Michael Ranson 29points
3rd Russell Taylor 28points
4th Leon Smith 27points
5th Richard Hipperson 26points
6th Ron Storey 25points
7th Simon Bone 24points
8th Gary Moore 23points
Pete Durkin
Barry Iseton
Mark Batson

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