16/11/2015 Great Yarmouth

Monday Night League South Beach Gt Yarmouth 16/11/15
10 anglers ventured down south the Gt Yarmouth behind the pleasure beach for a length only match. Weather was predicted to be terriable all night but really only kicked in halfway through the match. Sea was fairly calm and with mixed reports as to what had been coming out it would be a surpirse as to what we were going to catch. It was decided that we would all fish together not pegged meaning that the ever increasing banter between 2 memebers could flurish. From the off there were fish some in size and some out. How the guy that was leaving as we arrived only had 2 fish is beyond me. Whiting and Dabs were caught with a PB Sole for Hippo at 37cm turning up just at the right moment when he had lost all hope of beating Russell but that still wasn’t good enough. So on to the results. In 3rd place with 7 fish for a total length of 199cm was Pete H. In second place with 216cm was Russell. And overall champ on the night was Andy Turk taking a clear lead with 9 fish for 254cm. Well done and thank you to all wjo attened. Next week we are at Trimingham and looks like it will be perfect for Cod. As usual book in here or via the shop please.
1st Andrew Turk 30points
2nd Russell Taylor 29points
3rd Peter Hansell 28points
4th Simon Bone 27points
5th Paul Rickard 26points
6th Mike Ranson 25points
7th Richard Hipperson 24points
8th Gary Moore 23points
9th Kimberley Lawn 22points
10 Pete Durkin 21points

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