19/10/2015 Cley

Monday night league 19/10/15
Due to not fishing the match I can only do the results from the board. Hope it was a good one. The next match was due to be at Sea Palling but due to the size of the tide we are concerned that there may not be enough beach for all of us. So the match will now be at Kelling with the following match (pairs) at Sea Palling instead as its a smaller tide. As always with kelling meet at the gate for 6pm. Please book in here or via the shop.
1st Barry Iseton 30points
2nd Peter Pete Durkin 29points
3rd Michael Ranson 28points
4th Richard Hipperson 27points
5th Leon Smith 26points
6th Peter Hansell 25points
7th Billy Rush 24points
8th Darren Thompson 23points
9th Adam Molloy 22 points
10th Russell Taylor 21points
David Aldridge
Dean James Gibson
Paul Rickard
Paul Liwanag Farmer
Richard Chapman
Gary Moore
Ronald de Boer
Any mistakes let me know as I wasn’t there!!

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