12/10/2015 Gorleston

12TH October NAC Monday Night League Report Gorleston
A trip to Gorleston and to give a bit of variation as well as experience in fishing different styles of matches it was decided to do a length only match. From the start it was hectic action for just about everyone, with a stiff breeze and a fair old surf running in front of us, tonight’s match would be decided on who can keep up with the suicidal whiting. Top spot by 5cm this week went to Ron Storey showing some consistency with 3 podium finishes in a row with 22 fish for 550cm, narrowly beating Dene Conway who claimed 2nd spot with 21 fish for 545cm, third podium spot went to the ever improving Kimberley Lawn with 19 fish for 483cm.
With everyone carding an enjoyable evening was had by all. Several bass, flounders and dabs were also recorded with the biggest bass falling to Pete Durkin at 45cm.
Well done to all who fished and enjoyed a variation on local match fishing. Next weeks match is at Cley, please book in via the shop as always on 01263 838248
Ron Storey 22 fish 550cm (30Pts)
Dene Conway 21 fish 545cm (29pts)
Kimberley Lawn 19 fish 483cm (28pts)
Leon Smith 17 fish 439cm (27pts)
Simon Bone 16 Fish 395cm (26pts)
Peter Hansell 15 fish 374cm (25pts)
Paul Rickard 14 fish 339cm (24pts)
Richard Hipperson 11 fish 274cm (23pts)
Russell Taylor 9 fish 220cm (22pts)
Nicole Conway 9 fish 215cm (21pts)
Billy Rush 6 fish 155cm (20pts)
Peter Durkin 4 fish 122cm (19pts)

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