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26/10/2015 Kelling

Monday Night League Kelling 26/10/15
16 Anglers turned up at Kelling with mild conditions and clear calm sea. There was a few anglers already there so pegging as left and right of the gate. From the off it was diffcult for everyone to find a sizable fish with many catching undersize dabs, flounders and whiting. In third place was the ever consistant Leon Smith with 6 fish for 1lb 13oz1/3. In second place with a respectable 5 fish for 1lb 14oz2/3 was Russell Taylor. The girl on fire yours truly took top spot with 9 fish for 2lb 12oz. Well done to all that fished it was a hard one. Next week we are at Sea Palling and its the pairs match. Meet at car park by the slipway. If anyone gets the chance to have a look down there at high tide at weekend please can you let me know to make sure we have enough room to fish as thats the reasoning behind changing it this week. As always please book in here or via the shop, if on here replies may be slow as away fishing all weekend.
1st Kimberley Lawn 30points
2nd Russell Taylor 29points
3rd Leon Smith 28points
4th Hamza Mizo 27points
5th Michael Ranson 26points
6th Darren Thompson 25points
7th Barry Iseton 24points
7th Billy Rush 24points
9th Pete Durkin 22points
10th Pete Hansell 21points
11th Adrian Charlie Needham 20points
12th Simon Bone 19points
13th Paul Rickard 18points
14th David Aldridge 17points
14th Gary Moore 17points
Andrew Turk

19/10/2015 Cley

Monday night league 19/10/15
Due to not fishing the match I can only do the results from the board. Hope it was a good one. The next match was due to be at Sea Palling but due to the size of the tide we are concerned that there may not be enough beach for all of us. So the match will now be at Kelling with the following match (pairs) at Sea Palling instead as its a smaller tide. As always with kelling meet at the gate for 6pm. Please book in here or via the shop.
1st Barry Iseton 30points
2nd Peter Pete Durkin 29points
3rd Michael Ranson 28points
4th Richard Hipperson 27points
5th Leon Smith 26points
6th Peter Hansell 25points
7th Billy Rush 24points
8th Darren Thompson 23points
9th Adam Molloy 22 points
10th Russell Taylor 21points
David Aldridge
Dean James Gibson
Paul Rickard
Paul Liwanag Farmer
Richard Chapman
Gary Moore
Ronald de Boer
Any mistakes let me know as I wasn’t there!!

12/10/2015 Gorleston

12TH October NAC Monday Night League Report Gorleston
A trip to Gorleston and to give a bit of variation as well as experience in fishing different styles of matches it was decided to do a length only match. From the start it was hectic action for just about everyone, with a stiff breeze and a fair old surf running in front of us, tonight’s match would be decided on who can keep up with the suicidal whiting. Top spot by 5cm this week went to Ron Storey showing some consistency with 3 podium finishes in a row with 22 fish for 550cm, narrowly beating Dene Conway who claimed 2nd spot with 21 fish for 545cm, third podium spot went to the ever improving Kimberley Lawn with 19 fish for 483cm.
With everyone carding an enjoyable evening was had by all. Several bass, flounders and dabs were also recorded with the biggest bass falling to Pete Durkin at 45cm.
Well done to all who fished and enjoyed a variation on local match fishing. Next weeks match is at Cley, please book in via the shop as always on 01263 838248
Ron Storey 22 fish 550cm (30Pts)
Dene Conway 21 fish 545cm (29pts)
Kimberley Lawn 19 fish 483cm (28pts)
Leon Smith 17 fish 439cm (27pts)
Simon Bone 16 Fish 395cm (26pts)
Peter Hansell 15 fish 374cm (25pts)
Paul Rickard 14 fish 339cm (24pts)
Richard Hipperson 11 fish 274cm (23pts)
Russell Taylor 9 fish 220cm (22pts)
Nicole Conway 9 fish 215cm (21pts)
Billy Rush 6 fish 155cm (20pts)
Peter Durkin 4 fish 122cm (19pts)

5/10/2015 Mundesley

5TH October NAC Monday Night League Report Mundesley
A damp and misty evening saw several members not being able to make tonight’s match, but those that did were keen and eager to hopefully replicate the match at Bacton two weeks ago with plenty of fish for all.
With last weeks match being a struggle we all prayed not only for the rain to stop but for the fish to make an appearance, we were not disappointed, action from the off with some cracking flounders coming in all along the beach and no bay fished better than the other.The rain stayed almost persistent throughout with the odd five minute respite but everyone was catching so spirits stayed high.
Top of the pile this week was Ron Storey recording his 2nd podium spot in two matches, certainly one to watch for the future, he managed 5 fish for 6lb 10oz, narrowly beating top rod Russell Taylor also with 5 fish for 6lb 8 2/3oz , 3rd place went to the ever consistent Leon Smith with 5 fish for 4lb 11 2/3oz.
A bit of confusion arose over the new bass size limit directive from the EU, which states bass need to be 42cm for retention, please note this does not affect a catch and release match, so 36cm bass may be recorded and returned so for club matches nothing changes unless you wish to retain your fish.
Well done to everyone who braved the weather.
53 fish caught in total amongst which were, flounders, dabs, whiting, bass and again sole.
Ron Storey 5 fish 318pts 6lb 10oz (30Pts)
Russell Taylor 5 fish 314pts 6lb 8 2/3oz (29pts)
Leon Smith 5 fish 227pts 4lb 11 2/3oz (28pts)
Dene Conway 4 fish 199pts 4lb 2 1/3oz (27pts)
Simon Bone 3 fish 141pts 2lb 15oz (26pts)
Dean Gibson 3 fish 122pts 2lb 8 2/3oz (25pts)
Charlie Needham 3 fish 115 2lb 6 1/3oz (24pts)
Darren Thompson 2 fish 104pts 2lb 2 1/3oz (23pts)
Barry Iseton 4 fish 94pts 1lb 15 1/3oz (22pts)
Peter Hansell 3 fish 86pts 1lb 12 2/3oz (21pts)
Richard Hipperson 3 fish 83pts 1lb 12 1/3oz (20pts)
Mark Batson 2 fish 80pts 1lb 10 2/3oz (19pts)
Billy Rush 5 fish 79pts 1lb 10 1/3oz (18pts)
Kim Lawn 2 fish 56pts 1lb 2 2/3oz (17pts)
Mike Ranson 2 fish 40pts 0lb 13 1/3oz (16pts)
Steve Smith 1 fish 24pts 0lb 8oz (15pts)
Paul Farmer 5pts
Wayne Mathews 5pts
Peter Durkin 5pts
Pairs Results
Dene Conway & Dean Gibson 52pts
Charlie Needham & Leon Smith 52pts
Mark Batson & Russell Taylor 48pts
Ron Storey & Kim Lawn 47pts
Mike Ranson & Simon Bone 42pts
Barry Iseton & Pete Durkin 27pts
All others scored individually due to partners not being there all points will go into excel sheet and calculated over the season.
Next match is at Gorleston this should be a very hectic match it is a bit further away but its a cracking venue which throws up a lot of fish please make the effort to attend this one if you can.

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