28/9/2015 Sheringham

23 anglers hit the beach, with thoughts of bass in their head.
We soon realised with dismay the beach was dead.
With the odd pin whiting and tiny dabs
and loads of annoying bloody crabs.
Only four anglers carded with just one fish each.
It seemed the fish were out of reach.
Peter Hansell took top honours with a whiting of 30 centimetre’s
2nd spot to Darren and Ron with a dab and flounder , neither eaters.
Mike Ranson was third with a last cast dab to save the blank
But for everyone else the night was w…………. wubbish
Well done to all who carded and especially to Darren Thompson and Ron Storey with their first podium spots
Next weeks match is at Mundesley and its a pairs match so please book in asap, if you have not got a pairs partner yet it will be sorted on the night.

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