21/9/2015 Bacton

21st September NAC Monday Night League Report
Bacton was tonight’s venue for the 3rd match of the season, with several members still away 15 of us turned up at Castaways Holiday Park, due to the pegs being left at Heacham last week, we decided to fish this as a roving match, down the steps and find a spot wherever you fancied, bait packs were supplied to all members making this match about bait management and your own skill set.
With the rain coming in intermittent showers the steps over the revetments were extremely slippy and after the chairman Dean Gibson showed us all how not to do it, extra care was taken by other members. Well done to Russell Taylor and Steve Smith for helping Gibbo back off the beach with his gear and a somewhat bruised back and ego, its really amazing the lengths he will go to not to fish the sand! Hope your feeling better Gibbo from all the club members.
Anyway on to the report, we had two new members fishing tonight Jamie Tuffs and Ron StRon Story
Jamie Tuffsorey, firstly welcome to the club and hope you enjoyed your first match with us albeit a wet one.
First fish of the evening was a slack line bite for Russell Taylor who promptly reeled in a 6lb plus smoothie and a whiting giving him a massive 320 pts for one fish, he could easily have walked off the beach and sat in his van until end of play with a score like that but always wanting more Russell continued to build on his lead and easily took top rod honors this week with 410pts with 5 fish for 8lb 8 2/3oz, in the same bay Dene Conway was steadily catching and managed 8 fish for 140pts giving him 2lb 14 2/3oz for 2nd place podium spot.
Also in same bay was Peter Hansell who started his catches off with a fantastic 36cm sole , followed by dabs and whiting, and with 4 fish and 104pts for 2lb 2 2/3oz he secured 3rd place.
It was good to see the size able whiting and some cracking dabs and flounders but even nicer to see were at least 3 good sized sole coming out and of course Russell’s hound.
Well done to all who fished, next weeks match is back on home turf at Sheringham hope to see everyone there.
Russell Taylor 5 fish 410pts 8lb 8 2/3oz (30Pts)
Dene Conway 8 fish 140pts 2lb14 2/3oz (29pts)
Peter Hansell 4 fish 104pts 2lb 2 2/3oz (28pts)
Simon Bone 5 fish 86pts 1lb 12 2/3oz (27pts)
Michael Ranson 4 fish 62pts 1lb 4 2/3oz (26pts)
Steve Smith 2 fish 36pts 0lb 12oz (25pts)
Richard Hipperson 2 fish 30pts 0lb 10oz (24pts)
Barry Iseton 1 fish 14pts 0lb 4 2/3oz (23pts)
Paul Rickard 1 fish 14pts 0lb 4 2/3oz (23pts)
Gary Moore 1 fish 14pts 0lb 4 2/3oz (23pts)
All other receive 5 pts
Ron Storey
Jamie Tuffs
Dean James Gibson
David Aldridge
Phil Philmandy Avard

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