14/9/2015 Heacham

Monday Night League 14/09/15 Heacham
14 anglers arrived early at Heacham which for most would be a new venue. When we first arrived the sea was calm and there was little wind. But that all changed rather quickly with the wind picking up and for those without shelter it would be a bit tougher. The main target would be flounders and eels and maybe the odd bass now that the wind had picked up. Unfortunately there was no Bass but the weed had decided to turn up instead, for some a nightmare and for others not that bad. The flounders proved to be a bit hard to find and for some they eluded them completely. Over all there was 21 fish caught of which 5 were eels, the rest flounders. On to the results, in thirrd place was local to the beach Ron with 4 fish for 2lb 1oz. In second place was Steve with 3 fish for 2lb 2oz2/3. Taking top spot was Luke with 5 fish for 2lb 15oz. A big thank you to Charlie for helping out and walking up and down the beach making sure we were all ok. Next week we are at Bacton and this is a bait pack match so if you wish to fish please contact the shop or message Dene as I am off to Chesil !!
1st Luke West 30points
2nd Steve Smith 29points
3rd Ron De Boer 28points
4th Simon Bone 27points
5th Dene Conway 26points
6th Pete Durkin 25points
7th Kimberley Lawn 24points
7th Richard Hipperson 24points
9th Leon Smith 22points
Russell Taylor
David Aldridge
Danny A
Paul Rickard
Adrian Charlie Needham

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