29/6/2015 Kelling

Kelling 29/06/15
So the final match in the season and it being fairly tight at the top for points it took place on Kelling beach with 23 attending it was set to be a pleasant evening with the sun shining and the sea flat calm it was decided that if anyone fancied a bit of fluff chucking at same time for the mackerel then they could but would not count in the points. From the start one end of the line seemed to have weed and the other didn’t proving to be a nightmare for some. Early on in the match it was Scottish International Joc that was fist on the fish getting a 50cm Bass with the help of Wayne. For everyone else it was flatties that would be giving the points but finding them in size wasn’t easy. But with that Bass and 4 other fish on the card it would be Joc that took top spot with 5 fish for 3lb 13oz 1/3. In second place was the chairman himself Mr Gibbo with 5 fish for 2lb 1oz 1/3. And in third place was Leon Smith with 6 fish for 1lb 15oz 1/3. Well done to everyone for attending and thank you for a great season of fishing. We will still be fishing during the two month gap but they will not be league matches just socials but if anyone wishes to have a side bet on then go for it. Check on here or call the shop to find out where and when we will be fishing during the next 2 months.
1st Joc Goudie 30points
2nd Dean James Gibson 29points
3rd Leon Smith 28points
4th Russell Taylor 27points
5th Hamza Mizo 26poins
5th Wayne Mathews 25points
7th Simon Bone 24points
8th Pete Hansell 23points
9th Ron De Bour 22points
10th Dene Conway 21points
11th Kimberley Lawn 20points
11th Michael Ranson 20points
11th John Ritchie 20points
14th Craig Williamson 19points
15th Paul Rickard 18points
Gary Moore
Pete Durkin
Ian Lambert
Richard Hipperson
Mark Batson
David Aldridge

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