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25/5/2015 Trimingham

Trimingham 25/05/15
18 anglers turned up to the sand at Trimingham to what was a calm sea and pleasant evening. Pegging was to the left of the slip. From the start there was weed for some and none for others which proved to be a bit frustrating but manageable. It was clear that it was going to be a hard match with few fish coming out. Those fish that did come out varied in species with small Bass, Dabs, Flounders and even weevers being caught. A special mention for Russell who managed 3 different species on one rig (Bass, Dab and Weever) shame only the dab counted and Adam who caught his first ever Scorpion Fish. On to the results in third place was Wayne with 3 fish for 1lb 15oz 1/3. In Second place was Russell with 3 fish for 2lb 7oz 1/3. So first place went to birthday boy Ian L with 1 fish for 2lb 11oz. Next week we are at Cley please remember to book in here or phone the shop.
1st Ian Lambert 30points
2nd Russell Taylor 29points
3rd Wayne Mathews 28points
4th Leon Smith 27points
5th Richard Chapman 26points
6th Paul Rickard 25points
7th Pete Durkin 24points
8th Steve Smith 23points
9th Simon Bone 22 points
10th Iain Molloy 21points
Kimberley Lawn
Peter Hansell
Adam Molloy
Gary Moore
Mike Ranson
David Aldridge
Bob O
Sian Chapman

18/5/015 Weybourne

Monday nights match report 18/5
17 anglers turned up at weybourne. it was a wet day but the gods where on are side as we turned up the rain stopped to become a nice evening the wreak end turned up to be the best end for the fish in top spot was Leon smith 2nd Dean James Gibson 3rd Steve Smith
4th peter h 27
5th barry 26
6th hamza 25
7th simon 24
8th gary moore 23
9th wayne 22
10th rich chap 21
11th mike ranson 20
12th Russell t 19
13 mark batson 18
We also had are coach on hand to support Russell Taylor
5 points
peter d
rich hip
mike wier

4/5/2015 Kelling

First off apologies for the delay in the report its been a really busy week. This weeks match was at Kelling and also points were going towards the pairs championship, 23 anglers all eager and keen with the chance of bass and smoothounds it was anyones match.
Pegging was as normal left and right of the car park and from the off everyone was into dabs and the odd undersized fish, as top water came and the strong tide pull slowed, more and more fish were being carded, with Russell Taylor back on form with 5 fish for 4lb 5 2/3oz, second place went to Peter Hansell with 3 fish for 4lb 2/3oz and final podim spot went to Dene Conway also with 3 fish for 3lb 12oz. In total 58 fish were caught including bass, smoothound dabs and dogfish. The points have been added to the pairs championship league and current standings will be announced later. Next weeks match is again at Kelling meet 6pm at the gates as per normal everyone welcome.
1 Russell Taylor 30pts
2 Peter Hansell 29pts
3 Dene Conway 28pts
4 Richard Chapman 27pts
5 Barry Iseton 26pts
6 Adam Molloy 25pts
7 Charlie Needham 24pts
8 Iain Molloy 23pts
9 Wayne Mathews 22pts
10 Steve Smith 21pts
11 Kimberley Lawn 20pts
12 Dean Gibson 19pts
13 Hamza 18pts
14 Peter Durkin 17pts
15 Simon Bone 16pts
16 Colin Howard 15pts
17 Gary Moore 14pts
17 Eamon Finch 14pts
17 Dave Aldridge 14pts
20 Paul Rickard 11pts
21 Ron De Beor 10pts
5pts to
Mark Batson
Richard Hipperson

1/5/2015 Kelling

NAC Monday night league Kelling 11/05/15
20 anglers including a few new faces turned up to the shingle to what must have been one of the most pleasant evenings we have had all year so good in fact I went for a paddle in it. Sea was coloured and completely flat calm so the main focus would be flatties and maybe a smoothound. With everyone bringing in undersize fish it was a bit of a struggle to find a sizable fish, well not if your name is Peter Durkin who managed to win the night for the first time with 7 fish for 3lb 3oz1/3. In second place with a last cast Bass was Dene with 3 fish for 2lb 15oz 1/3, and finally in the frame again this week was Peter Hansell with 7 fish for 2lb 3oz 2/3. In total 51 fish were recorded with probably double that undersize. Next week we are Weybourne so remember to book in on here or via the shop. Hope to see you there!!
1st Peter Durkin (30points)
2nd Dene Conway (29points)
3rd Peter Hansell (28points)
4th Wayne Mathews (27points)
5th Simon Bone (26points)
6th Colin Howard (25points)
7th Dean James Gibson (24points)
8th Adrian Charlie Needham (23points)
9th Hamza (22points)
10th Kimberley Lawn (21points)
11th Richard Chapman (20points)
12th Eamon Finch (19points)
13th John Ritchie (18points)
14th Barry Iseton (17points)
15th David Aldridge (16points)
15th Leon Smith (16points)
17th Russell Baker (14points)
5 points
Russell Taylor
Nicole Conway
David Virdin

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