6/4/2015 Old High Sheringham

NAC Monday night league Old High 06/04/15
24 anglers including 3 juniors turned up early and raring to go. With reports of codling coming out all along the shingle tonight promised to be a good night. Before the night had even started there was a long walk for Mr Turk who forgot his headlight and had to walk all the way back. From the off the crabs were an issue with in seconds of your bait being out the crabs had pinched it many times the crab were brought in but there was a true monster of a crab that was brought in by Barry. True to his form Russell ticked off another unusual species managing to land a Lobster. Whiting were the main target with a few chunky ones caught. With the shout of a codling had come out most thought that would win it but in the end it was a battle of the dogfish. The winner of the match managed to catch a dogfish at 64cm and 3 other fish which was Eamon Finch with 3lb 7oz 1/3. 2nd place was Dean Gibson with 2 dogfish giving him 3lb. And finally in third place was Charlie Needham with 2 fish for 2lb 4oz 2/3. Well done to everyone that turned up it was a pleasant evening and hope to see you all next week at Bacton meeting at the Castaways holiday camp.
1st Eamon Finch (30points)
2nd Dean James Gibson (29points)
3rd Adrian Charlie Needham (28points)
4th Paul Rickard (27points)
5th Barry Iseton (26points)
6th Wayne Matthews (25points)
7th Richard Chapman (24points)
8th Dene Conway (23points)
9th Kimberley Lawn (22points)
10th Andrew Turk (21points)
11th Peter Durkin (20points)
12th Steve Smith (19points)
13th Bob Orzeszek (18points)
14th Simon Bone (17points)
15th David Aldridge (16points)
16th Pete Hansell (15points)
16th Hamza (15points)
18th Leon Smith (13points)
18th Jake Ethridge (13points)
Everyone else 5points
Russell Taylor
Michael Ranson
Gary M
James and Peter

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