20/4/2015 Sheringham

Monday night league Sheringham 20/04/15
22 anglers turned up to Sheringham boulevard ready and raring to go. with a nice lump on the water it looked Bassy and with reports of a few showing up and down the coast it looked like it would be Bass all round. Unfortunately the Bass were not notified of our match and failed to show up other than a small schoolie at 33cm for The Coach. In total only 31 sizable fish were caught. So on to the result. It was our newest junior Hamza Borden that took 3rd place with 4 fish for 1lb 5oz 1/3. In second place was Barry Iseton with 5 fish for 1lb 14oz 1/3. and Finally in top spot was the sneaky dark horse that is Paul Rickard who managed to catch a Doggie and 2 other sizable fish giving him 2lb 6oz. Well done to everyone it was a hard venue. Next week we are back on the sand at Mundesley so meet at the car park on seafront next to the arcades.
1st Paul Rickard (30points)
2nd Barry ISeton (29points)
3rd Hamza Borden (28points)
4th Dene Conway (27points)
5th Steve Smiith (26points)
6th Ian Lambert (25points)
7th Dean James Gibson (24points)
8th Simon Bone (23points)
9th Leon Smith (22points)
9th Peter Durkin (22points)
11th Dave David Aldridge (20points)
12th Richard Chapman (19points)
13th Pete Hansall (18points)
Everyone else 5 points
Kimberley Lawn
Gary Moore
Michael Ranson
Richard Billy Rush
Russell Taylor
John Ritchie
Richard Hipperson
Mark Batson
Eaon Finch

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