13/4/2015 Bacton

Monday night league 13/04/15 Bacton
18 angler a turned up to castaways on what was to be a very pleasant evening. Sea was flat and had some colour to it. Back on the sand for the first time in a while pegging was to the left of the steps and the lower numbered pegs either side of the pipe. From off there were undersize fish for some and before it got dark Richard Chapman was the first to find a decent sized dogfish and so take the lead. Not long after though it was Leon Smith who managed to find a dogfish and bagging a second and a whiting was to seal him first place with 3 fish for 3lb 13oz 1/3. Second place went to Simon Bone who managed to find a 42cm which gave him 1 fish for 1lb 14oz. Finally third place went to Russell Taylor who was very pleased with his dogfish giving him 1 fish for 1lb 6oz. Thank you and well done to everyone who turned up and fished wasnt easy finding a sizeable fish and hope to see you next week at Sheringham Boulevard.
1st Leon Smith (30points)
2nd Simon Bone (29points)
3rd Russell Taylor (28points)
4th Richard Chapman (27points)
5th Adam Molloy (26points)
6th Iain Molloy (25points)
7th Michael Ranson (24points)
8th Richard Hipperson (23points)
9th Mark Batson (22points)
9th Kimberley Lawn (22points)
11th Pete Hansell (20points)
12th Adrian Charlie Needham (19points)
12th Gary Moore (19points)
Everyone else 5points
John Ritchie
David Aldridge
Peter Durkin
Russell Baker

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