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30/3/2015 Kelling

NAC Monday night league Kelling 30/03/2015
19 anglers turned up nice and early at the gate ready for what would be a rather wet and windy night of fishing. With pegging to left and right everyone was down the beach nice and early to set up their shelters however there were a few that braved the weather with no shelter. Adam Molloy was one who braved it testing out his waterproofs for the first time since getting them for Christmas well done for braving it and managing 4th over all. Halfway through the night Russell Taylor brought in a suprise that is rarely seen on the shingle a 34cm Sole and what a fish. This secured him 3rd place with 3 fish for 1lb 9oz1/3. In second place was John Smith with 5 fish for 1lb 12oz, who travelled up from Ipswich along with England Ladies team memeber Adele Smith. Top spot went to our newest junior who I believe is well and truly hooked. After his win as top junior at the fishing festival he christened his new rod and reel with a cracking 51cm Codling giving him 1 fish for 2lb 11oz. Well done to everyone for braving a rather damp session. Next week we are at old high and its a pairs match.
1st Jake Etheridge 30points
2nd John Smith 29points
3rd Russell Taylor 28points
4th Adam Molloy 27points
5th Adele Smith 26points
5th Simon Bone 26points
7th Leon Smith 24points
7th Richard Chapman 24points
9th Dean James Gibson 22points
10th Iain Molloy 21points
11th Gary Moore 20points
12th Michael Ranson 19points
13th Eamon Finch 18points
13th Johm Ritchie 18points
Everyone else 5 points

24/3/2013 Old High Sheringham


An excellent turnout with 22 members making their way across the golf course, expectations were relatively high based on previous years and with more and more codling being caught over the last week who knew what would turn up. peggin was left and right of the drain fishing a flooding tide up and over high water. A calm evening after the rough up of the weekend made for a pleasurable session up until 20 minutes or so to go as the rain moved in.
One of very few matches where all 22 anglers caught and with good catches all the way along, several codling, big flounders, good sized whiting and dabs and a dogfish for Richard Chapman, not to mention the odd rockling , lots of undersized fish also made their presence felt making for plenty of action throughout the night.
Top spot honours this week went to Iain Molloy with 6 fish for 3lb 3 1/3oz. 2nd podium spot went to The codfather Mike Ranson with 4 fish for 3lb 1 1/3oz and final podium went to Leon Smith with 9 fish for 2lb 12. All in all 76 fish were caught and you can probably treble that amount with the undersized fish that threw themselves onto our hooks and were safely returned. 3 Codling were recorded along with a dogfish and some cracking sized flounders.
Well done to all who fished , remember friday and saturday is the Norfolk Sea Angling Festival if you haven’t already booked in please do so, and next weeks match is back on the shingle at Kelling hope to see you all there.
1 Iain Molloy 30pts
2 Mike Ranson 29pts
3 Leon Smith 28pts
4 Richard Chapman 27pts
5 Charlie Needham 26pts
6 Barry Iseton 25pts
7 Simon Bone 24pts
8 Andy Turk 23pts
9 Dave Aldridge 22pts
10 Dene Conway 21pts
11 Mark Batson 20pts
12 Dean Gibson 19pts
13 Peter Hansell 18pts
14 Russell Taylor 17pts
15 John Ritchie 16pts
16 Peter Dirking 15pts
16 Richard Hipperson 15pts
18 Paul Rickard 13pts
19 Gary Moore 12pts
20 Ian Lambert 11pts
21 Kimberley Lawn 10pts
22 Adam Molloy 9pts

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