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26/1/2015 Kelling

20 anglers turned up to brave some cold windy conditions in the hope for a fish or two but, in the case of last night only 7 fish were actually carded. Mostly the well loved rockling. in joint 3rd place with 1 fish for a massive 4oz was Kimberley Lawn and first timer Mark Howard. In second place with 1 fish for 5oz 1/3 was Eamon (partyman) Finch. Finally Taking top spot and winning the league Robin E. with an impressive 2 fish for 9oz 1/3. Well done everyone for sticking it out and look forward to seeing you next week at Walcott were it will be the stat of the new year and the first of the Pairs matches.
1st Robin E. (30points)
2nd Eamon Finch (29points)
3rd Kimberley Lawn (28points)
3rd Mark Howard (28 points)
5th Richard Hipperson (26points)
6th Adrian Charlie Needham (25points)
Everyone else receives 5points
Dene Conway
Mark Batson
Michael Ranson
Simon Bone
Gary Moore
Russell Taylor
Dean James Gibson
Andrew Turk
Iain Molloy
Adam Molloy
Ron De Bour
Paul Rickhard
Richard Chapman

NAC Report Cley 19/01/15

NAC Monday Night Penultimate League Match. Cley 19/01/2015

And to Cley we went fishing the ebbing tide , pegging to the right for a change towards the wreck
as the tide receded we could all see the scarred moon like surface of the beach which has changed so much over the last few years, uncovering a lot of Clay beds and making the area seemingly barren.

A very cold evening with several regulars suffering more than usual with the cold most were glad to get back to their cars and wait to see who had managed to get in the frame this week.

On top spot this week was Charlie Needham with 1lb 9 /3 , 2nd place went to Iain Molloy with 1lb 7 1/3oz and finally a welcome return to podium was Andrew Turk with 1lb 1 2/3oz.

Full results

1 Charlie Needham 30pts
2 Iain Molloy 29pts
3 Andrew Turk 28pts
4 Dene Conway 27pts
5 Mike Ranson 26pts
6 Paul Rickard 25pts
6 John Ritchie 25pts
6 Robin E 25pts
9 Peter Hansell 22pts
10 Wayne Mathews 21pts
11 Richard Hipperson 20pts
12 Kimberley Lawn 19pts
12 Russell Taylor 19pts
14 Mark Batson 17pts
15 Simon Bone 16pts
16 Dean Gibson 15pts
16 Gary Moore 15pts

5 points to
Adam Molloy
Mick Bailey
Steveo Johnstone

Next weeks final league match is at Kelling and could make a big difference to those trying for the clubman league, good luck to everyone .

NAC Report Weybourne 12th Jan 2015

NAC Weybourne 12th Jan 2015

16 anglers headed out into what was forecast as wet and windy, which out a few people off , with conditions forecast it was decided to head under the cliffs at weybourne to afford a little more protection. As it turned out the weather wasn’t as bad as predictions and an enjoyable mild evening was had. To the fishing pegging was to the right of the carpark and with a flooding tide possibilities of a codling were the thoughts.Tactics for some would certainly be bigger baits and hold out for a bigun but sadly again the codling eluded us , which meant several struggled to find the sizeable fish, but with only one blanking an enjoyable match was had. On peg 4 Richard “The Coach” Hipperson was diligintly “coaching”the anglers either so much so he forgot to card more than one fish, but on a positive note either side were in the frame with chairman Dean Gobbo Gibson on peg 5 taking the top spot with 10 fish for 3lb 6oz, 2nd place went to Mike “The Codfather” Ranson on peg 3 with 9 fish for 2lb 131/3oz and finally third place went to Charlie Needham with 6 fish for 2lb 8 2/3oz. Great Banter all the way along and some friendly rivalry made for yet another enjoyable evening, next weeks match is at Cley lets hope the weather gods smile upon us.

Full results

1 Dean Gibson 30pts
2 Mike Ranson. 29pts
3 Charlie Needham 28pts
4 Robin E. 27pts
5 Mark Batson 26pts
6 Paul Rickard 25pts
7 Gary Moore 24pts
8 Dave Aldridge 23pts
8 Simon Bone 23pts
10 Dene Conway 21pts
10 Iain Molloy 21pts
12 Russell Taylor 19pts
13 Greg Metcalf 18pts
14 Kimberley Lawn 17pts
15 Richard Hipperson 16pts

5 pts to
Ian C

NAC Report Salthouse 5th Jan 2015


20 anglers ventured to Salthouse for the first match of the new year, with pegging mainly to the left of what was the car park, the lower numbers had a fair trek to their pegs but not disheartened everyone was on the beach and ready by about 6.40pm, the shout went out at 7pm for all in and the match began. League leaders Russell Taylor and Robin E. were pegged side by side and the battle commenced, unfortunately for Russell it was Robin who made the best of his peg.

Down the lower numbers Wayne Mathews was the one to watch as he was straight into the fish and beating easily all around him to take his first podium spot win with 11 fish for 3lb 11 1/3oz, 2nd place went to Robin E. also with 11 fish and narrowly beaten with 3lb 8 2/3oz.
Final podium spot went to Charlie Needham who beat Dene Conway into 4th by 2/3 of an ounce, finishing on 5 fish for 1lb 10oz.

An enjoyable but difficult evening for many with hordes of pin whiting and undersized dabs, but with 16 of the 20 recording size able fish most were content .

Next weeks match is at Weybourne please make sure you ring the shop to book in NOT via Facebook this week as I am away. all bait orders to go via the shop latest by Saturday end of play.

Full results

1 Wayne Mathews 30pts
2 Robin E. 29pts
3 Charlie Needham 28pts
4 Dene Conway 27pts
5 Russell Taylor 26pts
5 Peter Hansell 26pts
7 Paul Rickard 24pts
8 Simon Bone 23pts
9 Adam Molloy 22pts
10 Richard Chapman 21pts
11 Mike Ranson 20pts
11 Iain Molloy 20pts
13 Ron de Boer 19pts
14 Mark Batson 18pts
14 Andrew Turk 18pts
14 John Ritchie 18pts

5 pts to
Steveo Johnstone
Dean Gibson
Richard Hipperson
Greg Metcalf

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