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NAC Report Kelling 29/12/14

The last Norfolk Angling Club match of 2014, was held at Kelling, the sea state looked perfect and the possibility of those big channel whiting and hopefully a codling or two. Pegging was left and right of the car park making the walk for everyone easy.

The atmosphere was electric with everyone keen and all on the beach ready to fish by 6:30pm and showing that the club is stronger than ever with 23 anglers in attendance.

Fishing the flooding tide most were into fish straight away with the usual undersize pins dominating many rods, but the odd sizeable one was being recorded along the match stretch.

Several anglers had some cracking codling bites with Kimberley Lawn and Dene Conway both losing one in the surf, but it was Mike Ranson pictured above who managed to drag one out pushing him to his first podium finish with 3 fish for 2lb 10 2/3oz, 2nd place went to Dene Conway with 10 fish for 3lb 4 2/3 and top rod again was Russell Taylor with 10 fish for 3lb 10 1/2oz.

Well done to everyone who fished especially the juniors braving the freezing conditions and hope we see you all at the next match which will be on the 5th of January details to follow for 2015 fixtures.

Full Results

1 Russell Taylor 30pts
2 Dene Conway 29pts
3 Mike Ranson 28pts
4 Robin E. 27pts
5 Gary Moore 26pts
6 Mark Batson 25pts
7 John Ritchie 24pts
7 Kimberley Lawn 24pts
9 Peter Hansell 22pts
10 Charlie Needham 21pts
11 Wayne Mathews 20pts
12 Andrew Turk 19pts
13 Steveo Johnstone 18pts
14 Eamon Finch 17pts
15 Richard Hipperson 16pts
15 Dean Gibson 16pts
17 Richard Chapman 14pts
18 Molley 13pts
19 Dylan 12pts
20 Simon Bone 11pts

5 Pts to
Phil Avard
Mandy Blomfield
Paul Rickard

NAC Report Kelling 15/12/14

Taylor takes top spot again at the latest instalment of the Norfolk Angling Club Monday night league!!

Kelling was the venue for this weeks match, with a cracking turnout once again the scene was set with pegging left and right of the car park, a clear almost wind free evening and a flooding tide meant the fish gods may smile upon us and our wishes were indeed granted.

From the off it seemed to be a three horse race with Robin E, Paul Rickard and Russell Taylor battling between each other on pegs 5, 6 and 7 as the match wore on with copious amounts of banter between the three it was Russell who stayed consistent and pulled the win out of the bag with 12 fish for 4lb 4 1/3oz, not really in the race to begin with was Dene Conway who sneaked into 2nd spot by way of a couple of good last minute whiting bumping his tally up to 8 fish for 3lb 2oz, leaving now podium regular Paul Rickard in 3rd place also with 8 fish for 2lb 14oz.

Up the high numbers it was last years league winner Andrew Turk who found the fish on peg 15 finishing a credible 4th place also with 8 fish for 2lb 10 2/3oz. 5th place and on end peg number 1 was Kimberley Lawn who after the initial shock of dealing with the phantom whistler of Kelling managed 7 fish for 2lb 7 1/3oz.

Young Adam Molloy again beat his dad Iain after being introduced to the world of speed fishing and hearing every five minutes the dulcet sergeant major tones of Dene saying run boy run the match won’t win itself, and to his credit he managed 9 fish for 2lb 1 1/3oz putting him in 9th place overall.

With Christmas almost upon us from pegs 10 and 11 you could hear the humming of Johnny Mathis’s When a Child is Born in between the ribbing and banter which made for a very enjoyable evening, roll on next weeks match at the Village Inn this will be a 3 pint match with no size limits drinking to SAMF guidelines (loads) so drink and eat what you want, and bring plenty of Christmas spirit(s), everyone is welcome and as a special treat the current leader of the league will be doing the Full Monty followed by a magic show from Richard “The Coach” Hipperson.

This Saturday we are also fishing the new NAC Saturday League at Trimmingham support for this new addition to the club would be greatly appreciated.

Full results

1 Russell Taylor 30pts
2 Dene Conway 29pts
3 Paul Rickard 28pts
4 Andrew Turk 27pts
5 Kimberley Lawn 26pts
6 Robin E. 25pts
7 Dean Gibson 24pts
8 Peter Hansell 23pts
9 Adam Molloy 22pts
10 Lee Watkin 21pts
11 Mike Ranson 20pts
12 Iain Molloy 19pts
13 Simon Bone 18pts
14 John Ritchie 17pts
15 Eamon Finch 16pts

everyone else to receive 5 pts

NAC Report Gorleston 8/12/14

NAC members ventured down to Gorleston. On arrival it was rather chilly and some rather peculiar lightning out to sea. The usual plague turned up but were joined by some welcome dabs. Still no codling about yet and only a few sizeable fish were found. Top spot went to Robin wih 7 fish for 1lb 12oz. In second place the ever consistant Simon Bone with 4 fish for 1lb 5oz. Third place went to the dark horse Paul Rickard with 4 fish for 1lb 3oz 1/3. A change of venue for next week we will be at Kelling instead of South Beach in hope for deeper water and hopefully some codling will grace us wih an appearance then.

1st Robin (30 points)
2nd Simon Bone(29 points)
3rd Paul Rickard (28 points)
4th Russell Taylor (27 points)

Everyone else to 5 points

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