NAC Report Salthouse 24/11/14

Monday League Salthouse 24/11/14
There was 18 anglers who decided to have a go and see if they could find better fish than the dreaded pin whiting.With a chill in the air and ice on rod bags by the time we packed up we had hoped for a good nights fishing. But yes you’ve guessed it, the pins where there in force but this time they were joined by some sizable dabs meaning most of us managed to card a fish. Taking 3rd place was Simon Bone with 6 fish for 1lb 15oz1/3. In second place was John Ritchie with 2lb 4oz and the ever consistent Russell Taylor taking top spot honours with 7 fish for 2lb 12oz 1/3. Would like to mention as well was nice to see some new faces hope to see you again. Well done to our Junior Adam Molloy who managed to out fish his dad!! Next week we will be at Mundesley hope to see you there if you can manage it after the NAC Tour De Dungie!!!

1st Russell Taylor (30 points)
2nd John Ritchie (29 points)
3rd Simon Bone (28 points)
4th Paul Rickard (27 points)
5th Eamon Finch (26 points)
6th Robin E (25 points)
7th Lee Watkins (24points)
8th Adam Molloy (23 points)
9th Peter Hansell (22 points)
10th Richard Craske (21 points)
11th Iain Molloy (20 points)
12th Andy Turk(19 points)
12th Hamish (19 points)
14thCharlie Needham (18 points)
15th Richard Hipperson (17 points)
16th Kimberley Lawn (16 points)
17th Gary Moore (15 points)

5 points
Mike Ranson

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